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Best Vegan Jerky Eva!
by Diane written 17 days ago
I tried many different brands of Vegan jerky & have given my non vegan friends a sample...they ALL love this jerky. I am a very big fan & thought the limited edition Abodo one was fantastic!
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Fake Meat. Real Deliciousness.
by Tawnie written 3 months ago
I have been ordering different flavors of Louisville Vegan Jerky for the last few months, and after discovering my local health food store couldn't carry it, I decided to splurge on a monthly box subscription. I just got my first box today, and, even though I had already ordered the limited edition pineapple sweet and sour, I was not disappointed. They are all delicious and I had not tried the other two flavors before this; so that was exciting. I definitely plan to keep this coming. Even the box it comes in is great.
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by Rasheda written last year
So fresh and perfect!!
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Incredible Taste and Texture!!
by written last year
I LOVE this jerky. It has the perfect consistency and flavor, and the people at LVJ are very helpful and friendly. USPS lost the first shipment, so they were kind enough to send another one. I need to hide this stuff from my roommates (who are not vegan) so they don't devour it all. Yep, it's that good. Even the omnivores are after it.
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Jerky Paradise
by Alysa written 2 years ago
I've been a vegan jerky connoisseur for 15 years, and I tried Louisville as soon as I saw it on the shelves. The flavors are among the most inventive, the texture is great, but the price has always been what kept me from eating it all the time--it goes for around $9 a bag in stores. This subscription is a *really good deal.* On top of that, every box has an experimental flavor! The only downside is the three bags of jerky definitely do not last all month. You'll be lucky if you still have some after a week.
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Amazing jerky--definitely worthwhile
by Luca written 2 years ago
I've tried several different brands of vegan jerky, and Louisville is far and away the best. I can't speak to how it compares to "real" jerky, but I doubt that's any better. Each box has three bags of jerky -- two of their standard flavors (all of which are amazing) and one unique, which is also pretty consistently amazing. The portions are smaller than I'd like, but for me that's true of most food. I've been supplementing with extra purchases from Amazon, but it's about 15% cheaper by subscription, so I'm just going just double-up on that. This is close to my favorite food now, and it's better for me than most things vying for that title. Well worth the money.
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