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Used to Love It

Jun 15, 2018
Britany C.
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AUGUST 2019 (update): When I got this box with my son, I was always thrilled to see what I got every month, and it was always worth it (See below for original 5-star review). This time around, items seemed to be a little cheaper, I often got double of one type of treat listed on the card, but missed out on another. I just cancelled the subscription due to financial reasons, but I guess it didn't come soon enough because the box I just received (from the last payment that went through before cancelling), is the exact same box I got in March. Not nearly as please with this box as I used to be, and I don't think I will resubscribed when our finances are better.

APRIL 2018 (5 Stars): This subscription was great, and I enjoyed getting the gifts every month. There was always a snack, and often something for my son (e.g. fruit teether), and many many other helpful things. Highly recommend!

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