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Gift let down
by Jamie written yesterday
I sent this as a gift for my 911 dispatch secret pal. By looking at the previous box pictures and description, I thought it would be awesome. When pal recieved it, she loved it but when I seen pics of what she recieved, I was disappointed. I won't gift this one again
loved+blessed said...
Hi Jamie, Thank you for taking the time to write a review. We’ve looked into this and realized that there may be some confusion. Your gift recipient’s box has not shipped yet. Because your order was placed at the beginning of the month and we ship towards the end of each month, we did ship her a welcome kit, just to let her know that your gift was on it’s way. We’re worried that that might be what you saw and were disappointed by as it was not a full box, but a welcome letter and small gift. Please accept our apologies for any confusion that may have caused. We’re happy to hear she liked the welcome kit though, and hope she’ll be even more thrilled when she receives her box of encouragement next week.
by Lindsey written 7 days ago
A huge waste of money, unfortunately, judging by the December 2017 Box. I canceled immediately.
loved+blessed said...
6 days ago
Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. It will help other ladies determine if our little pink box is right for them. We measure the value of our boxes a little differently as it’s hard to assign a monetary value to encouragement. We strive to fill each box with items to uplift your spirit and support your spiritual growth. Please accept our sincere apology that you didn’t find value in the encouragement you received.
I am blessed
by Pamela written last year
Just over a year ago, my mom passed. We cared for her in her home during her last couple of months. My dear daughter (an angel on earth) surprised me with a subscription to “loved and blessed”. I’ll always remember those blessed but difficult times. Each month, I receive another thought-filled box and I heal a little bit more.
loved+blessed said...
last year
Oh Pamela, we’re just so grateful to have played a small part in your healing process. Hugs to you and your dear daughter!
by Tiffany written last year
I got my very first box today. And it is just what I needed. Simple and uplifting.
Very Blessed
by Kelly written last year
The box has so many items to bless the person receiving it. I loved the water bottle with the reminder to go to the well Jesus and be filled. I highly recommend this box❤️❤️❤️
by Tammy written last year
I loved it and it meant alot I am going through some things and it just was a sign when it was delivered today
by candace written last year
Great idea for a Mother's Day gift. She loved all the goodies in the box!
Simple, Faith Based, Reminder
by Shayla written last year
I really like this box. It's very simple and I love that they are honest about that. The majority of the box is to guide you in faith for the month. A scripture card, mini poster, a reminder sticker, and a donation to Union Rescue Mission. For me the other stuff is a bonus. Sometimes you get just one item and other months there are a few items. I think it is well worth the money I spend on it because I spend well over $20 on Chick-fil-a or Starbucks every month and at least this gives to those in need and encourages my faith.
Not worth it
by Tonicia written last year
I'm so disappointed. This was definitely not worth $20. There wasn't really anything in the box. I got some sheets of paper and a small fan. Don't waste your money and be disappointed like I was
Makes a GREAT Gift
by Cheryl written last year
I purchased three month subscription and really have enjoyed how thoughtfully the box is curated and presented. I like it even MORE as a gift. I have sent many individual boxes to the women in my life (mother, sister, friends, those that live out of town) as gifts over the last several months. The feedback on those individual boxes as gifts has been great. I would recommend you shop the one-boxes as gifts! Thank you Loved and Blessed and best of luck with your business!
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