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Low Kalz
Healthy, low calorie drinks and snacks subscription box, delivered every month.

$12.95+ / month

Subscriber Reviews

4.3 of 5 stars
by Shauna written Feb 25, 2018
I got this box as a "gift" trial, so I only have 1 box upon which to base my review. Like all boxes, I did not personally like everything in the box. But I thought it was a really good value for the price. It did expose me to some brands/products with which I was not familiar, but also some that are easily found (such as in a grocery store). I would consider getting it again in the future.
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by Andi written Nov 17, 2017
This box is OK, but honestly nothing special. The variety in the snacks and drinks could be improved. I got 3 boxes over 3 months. 2 of them had the exact same flavor of Perrier sparkling water, 2 of them had the same Aloe Vera water (which I did not enjoy). The last box I got had 2 of the same drink (different flavors), 2 of the same Clif bar (also different flavors) and 2 of the same brand of potato chips. It would have been nice to get some different things to try.
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by Beverley written Oct 31, 2017
Interested in all snacks
Pretty Good
by Kelli written Sep 06, 2017
I did not like the Perrier lime sparkling water at all. I enjoyed the rest of the products sent except for that.
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Very good box
by Andrius written Jul 14, 2017
It's a really great snack box, plenty of well chosen snacks/drinks and there are a lot of them. That's great. One problem is that I am from Lithuania (Europe) and the international shipping is very expensive + I have to pay for the customs in my country so all this is like twice the price of the box itself :( anyway, all in all, I really recommend to try this box.
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great value
by Jennifer written Jul 14, 2017
I was a little skeptical of this box, but i was pleasantly surprised. I like the variation of snacks and drinks, as well as the different flavors. the only negative i have is that some of the chips/snacks get crushed in the box.
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Great variety
by Pamela written Jun 14, 2017
I enjoyed the variety of healthy snacks and drinks so much that I upgraded to the larger box after my first month!
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Great box
by Shelli written Jun 04, 2017
I was very pleasantly surprised with the variety of snacks I received!! Mostly higher end companies like stacey's pita chips and Annie's cheddar bunnies. Also, included a couple of items I had never tried, which I would of loved more of. The drinks were only okay, I got 2 bottles of flavored lipton teas (not my favorite) and a can of minute maid light lemonade(great but I'm not big on artificial sweeteners). Overall, I'd order the box again because it was fun to open (The Box is HUGE) and the snacks were awesome!!
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Well worth the price!!!
by Frantz written May 07, 2017
I wanted to try this box so I got the smallest box. It was bigger and heavier than I expected it to be. The snacks were delightful. That was the first ever subscription box I've ever received that contained drinks inside along with the snacks. I like that.
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