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Frankie M.
1 Review
Subscribed for 7 days

While the box arrived quickly and with a hand written note (super cute touch) quality of the items was terrible. Cheap plastic bracelets, cheap necklace and wallet, a scratchy bright purple shawl.... just cheaply made junk. I sent an email letting the owner know that I wasn't happy and would like to return the items and her response was the she doesnt allow returns OR exchanges... what?? Meaning you don't stand by your products at all??? She then said 'it's a subscription... you may not like all of the items but you can give them as gifts!'. Yes, I'm aware of what a subscription service is, I have a bunch of them, and I'm used to not caring for one or two of the items in my box. HOWEVER, ALL of the items are SO CHEAP! Dollar tree type items. I'd be embarrassed to give them to ANYONE. Moral of the story, CHECK THE RETURN/EXCHANGE policy!! If they dont allow returns or exchanges, it means they don't stand by their products and you should RUN. COMPLETE GARBAGE AND TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE.

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Accessories Box

Mar 15, 2019
Meredith R.
1 Review
Subscribed for 3 days

Bought a 3month subscription and received my first box today. I will be canceling immediately. Expired makeup is never something I want to receive.

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LD Accessories Box said...Mar 19, 2019

Hello Meredith. Thank you for your feedback. So we could resolve this quickly for you, we called and emailed you several times, however you have not responded back to us. Customer satisfaction has and always will be our most important priority. We are still happy to work this out with you and offer a solution that will be satisfactory to you, but it will require you to contact us. The LD Accessories Box is committed to providing women with an AMAZING value of products each month that total well over $100. These products are carefully selected by our curators and quality-tested before they are introduced as a product for the Box, including makeup & beauty products, one of which you mentioned in your feedback. We...

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