A premium graffiti and street art subscription pack

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4.8 of 5 stars
by Regina written 14 days ago
I love Madbomr as an art sub box because it offers what no other art box does. I am old af, but I use spray paint in my summer art, and am always looking for different ways of expression. Unfortunately I have always been that way. I love the stickers, a love the caps, supplies, etc.
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by johnathan written 2 months ago
This is a dope box if your into graff. Took awhile and costs a bit for what I got, but I understand that it takes awhile due to being in a different country! Keen for the next box
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Must have!
by Patsy written 7 months ago
A must have if you wanna build up your arsenal. Free stickers are a plus! Lots of fun, it's like Christmas every time my parcel arrives, haha+
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Its about time
by Allison written last year
On point. Sent me a free marker and caps for pre-ordering. Can not wait to see the first box.
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