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Nov 01, 2020
Jaira H.
1 Review
Subscribed for 6 months

I subscribed for this box in early April, I like others was spending more time at home and figured this would be a great form of entertainment and some excitement. However I was not very impressed with the box, my first box took a long time to arrive and when it did there was a broken mug. I had a 3 month subscription. Fast foreword to August it auto renewed and I kicked myself for not cancelling beforehand but it was fine I went on and cancelled. I did not get an email confirming the cancelation which I thought was odd but at least it was over with. Today my subscription AUTO RENEWED AGAIN. Y'all beware before subscribing and giving your card information, they make it difficult to unsubscribe, I requested a refund but of course no luck.

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Magical Reads Crate said...Nov 01, 2020

Hello, we we let you know via email today that your account was never canceled. Once you cancel you get a cancellation email and it does not renew again. Also we never sent out a mug to you so I am sure you are confusing this box with another box by mistake. We also emailed you your account history which shows no cancellation was ever made on this account. We have not had any emails from you regarding this account until today which we responded instantly to.

Thank you,
Team Magical Reads Crate

Bad Customer Service

Sep 11, 2020
Chenoa M.
3 Reviews
Subscribed for 4 months

Bad Customer Service, Unfriendly, and Not Helpful!!! Don't expect anything from this company if you have an issue. They are not here to appease or resolve any of your issues, BAD BAD BAD - I Do Not recommend ordering from this company, the items are cheap anyway

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Magical Reads Crate said...Sep 11, 2020

Hello, as we told you via email we cannot cancel a box when it is already being packed at our fulfilment center. This policy is very clear on our website. It is very unfortunate that you chose to leave a 1 star review because we could not break our rules for you. You threatened to leave a negative review if we did not comply but we will not be bullied. This is especially sad for us after we replaced your lost/stolen box for free for you at your word. Thank you for giving us a try. -Team Magical Reads Crate

They just want their money

Aug 29, 2019
Susan N.
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Subscribed for 14 days

I wanted to cancel box due to health issues and bills that suddenly came it (the box wasn’t shipped) they said this was against. Guidelines. It didn’t matter that I have cancer The box wasn’t even shipped yet. They wouldn’t budge. Very upset with this company. Wouldn’t give them a try

Verified Purchase
Magical Reads Crate said...Jun 11, 2020

Hello, your crate was already in the process of shipment and could not be cancelled. We let you know this via email, we begin shipping the 28th of the month and a cancellation the 29th of the month is too late. Also as it does say on our website, faq, and terms and conditions all crate purchases are final sale. We thank you for giving us a try at Magical Reads Crate.

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