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The Winter Series is Odes to Family – From the Heart of a Witch

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4.6 of 5 stars
Super magickal
by Hanah written 4 days ago
I love this subscription. I have a little shelf in my room where I keep all of the teas I have received, pick one, and brew in a ritual way. I LOVE the info and writing Candice includes. I am only canceling because I have too much tea in my life! But I have been on this for a year and counting. I do wish the artificial flavors would be omitted in the blends. I have learned so much from working with these teas, and the stories about the goddesses and themes she includes always help me align myself with what is going on in the universe. Cheers!
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Amazing literature
by Leticia written Dec 03, 2018
I have subscribed to many different witchy boxes. There are lots of great ones out there. For me, this one had the best literature of them all, really beautiful, and inspiring texts. Their anointing oils are also great in quality, specially as far as carrier oils is concerned. Their bottles are also gorgeous.
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Fall Series Box for November
by Alexandria written Nov 25, 2018
This particular box was an end of series box for the women of fall series. Although the box arrived on time. Actually a day ahead of time I was a little disappointed by the amount of items in the box. For the price of this box I don't feel the items were worth the price. Although I am more than pleased with what was sent I just feel that it was a little lite. I received one essential oil, one room most, two small bag of incents, a small wall art poster and a small bag of tea. Probably could have bought all these items for around $20 instead of the $40 something I paid. Over all not a bad purchase but not your moneys worth.
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by Lauren written Nov 25, 2018
I’m knew to the spiritual world as I call it and did a lot of research on all the subscription boxes that cratejoy had to offer. I obviously picked magickal folk, along with a couple others, and this box seemed to be the best so far. They delivered it on time, received tracking information and updates, and the price is very do able. The stones I got where good size and I’m super excited to try the tea. There are information/instruction papers inside the box as well that are super cute and I will definitely keep them. I don’t know what a couple of the things in the box do yet, but I gotta do my research. All in all super happy with this box! 5/5!
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Wonderful, Friendly People
by Ashley written Nov 24, 2018
I love the teas, and it’s obvious that a lot of thought goes into Mrs. Candace’s emails and notes she sends with the packages. There’s always relevant information included and a list of ingredients on the custom teabags (they’re loose-leaf and come in a black, resealable bag, filled to the brim with natural ingredients). I adore the messages of unity and love!
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Love it!
by karen written Nov 11, 2018
simply wonderful
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Wonderful to work with
by Laura written Nov 08, 2018
I received my first box from Magickal Folk and couldn't be more pleased. The items within the box are beautiful and unique - my sister is more than a little envious. May have to get her a subscription for the holidays. When I first ordered my subscription, I accidentally ordered two sets (probably a forewarning regarding my sister) and contacted them to cancel one of the orders. Knowing how easy it is for things to get confused, I was concerned that the order I wanted would be cancelled as well. Fortunately, the good people at Magickal Folk are apparently used to dealing with the public and all was well. Thanks to those who straightened out my order and made sure I received my box, which I may have to share. :-)
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Helping me help myself
by Andrea written Nov 08, 2018
I have been getting the meditation kit for a little over a year now. It is small, affordable and meaningful. It has helped me to help myself. It has helped me to stay on my path through trying times, to be present and able to hold space for those close to me, and to make some major shifts in better honoring and reclaiming my true and higher self. I am truly grateful for the tools, care and intention put into these kits
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I love these packages
by Carol written Nov 06, 2018
I'm aways excited to get these in the mail. The quality of the items is outstanding and I feel like I get a whole lot of value for my money.
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by Desirae written Nov 04, 2018
Absolutely in love with this box! Great description of everything, it's simply amazing
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