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4.0 of 5 stars
by Laura written Jul 31, 2017
I did a three month run last year and enjoyed many of the products, some of which I still have and use! I liked most of the scents and the packaging was nice and neat. I did have an issue getting my subscription cancelled along with getting my third box but they did fix it and were very polite
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Awesome Box!
by Kristine written Apr 10, 2017
I ordered my first box on the 3rd and got it today on the 10th! Faster than I had expected! Inside the box were 5 items that were all great! I'm trying my best to get into natural products and I feel this is a great start! Loving the deodorant and the lavender chap stick! I'm already excited for my box next month!
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50% sale
by Amy written Aug 02, 2016
I purchased a subscription when they were having a 50% sale. I thought it was a great deal! Now, they have free shipping, but I had to pay $48.00 for the 6 months. SO... I actually got NO discount whatsoever. I contacted them and they said a lot of other customers felt that way. No offer to compensate; nothing.
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Beauty-full products
by Danielle written Jun 24, 2016
I love so much about this company, the logo, the colors, the packaging, bust most of all the complex and beautiful products they make. The scents are amazing and the products are all made with care and quality. I am excited to get this box each month. My first box had tea, bath tea, shampoo soap and a cooling peppermint spritz. The shampoo is the best natural shampoo I have used. 5 Stars, I hope this company grows finds a hold in its market.
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