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Stoner Babe Boxes

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For Ladies, Femmes, & Cannababes: supplies for your body, mind, and lifestyle.

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Stoner Babe Supplies for Body, Mind, & Lifestyle
For ladies & femmes who love to toke: smoking supplies for body, mind, and lifestyle. What's a stoner babe? Any person who feels personally empowered in positive ways by their consumption can claim this term (no vagina required). What's Inside? (Legal) Accessories, novelty items, body products, gifts, books, papers & more.
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Subscriber Reviews
5.0 of 5 stars
Best 420 box. i love it.
by Michelle written Jun 04, 2018
just wrote the above review. did not mean to end it with a question mark. lol. seriously, i came here to write a review but forgot that I already had written one lol. I got marshmallow , and bubblegum hemp rolling papers, a pack of plain rice paper rolling papers, pipe cleaners, double pack of hemp dutch wrap, tons of stickers some with 420 leaves and some lisa frank i could share with my daughters, a tattoo, a very cute glass bowl, a plastic stash container, glass filter, edible stickers to put on your edibles, 420 info card, recipe for cannabutter, a packet of peach tea, a cute pin, 2 packs of chewy now and laters, packet of twizzlers, small pack of fruit stripes gum, which i havent had since childhood so i was stoked to eat it, That may be it, i thought id never stop pulling things out because there was so much. lol. A lot of these types of boxes come with just a few things, and theyre things i could buy myself for less or dont want/need. ive been trying out all of the 420 boxes and I only just do a month of it, cancel then try another. my plan was when i try all of them i'll pick my favorites and subscribe long term. This is so good that I decided to keep it now.lol. wish i could have taken advantage of the coupon code lol.
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by Michelle written Jun 03, 2018
I definitely didn't expect them to be as awesome as they were. i got way more than expected, and got use out of all of it?
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