Gourmet Organic Coffee Cookie Box (FREE SHIPPING)

Gourmet Organic Coffee Cookie Box (FREE SHIPPING)

by Match Made Coffee
Craft Coffee & Gourmet Cookie Pairing Box

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$23.95/ month

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Too skimpy

Mar 16, 2019
Barbara D.
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For the amount paid, I was pretty disappointed when I saw how little coffee and cookies were sent. It's just a token amount. Very disappointed.
Also, there was no guidance as to what quantity of coffee to use per 8-oz cup of coffee. I had to do my own experimenting with trying different amounts every day, which was annoying and wasted what little coffee there was.
The cookies are good, but I feel there should be 2 of each. And I'd say the same thing for the amount of coffee. If you doubled the amount you send, I'd be happy. Yes, I would be very satisfied.

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