Craft Coffee & Gourmet Cookie Pairing Box

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Odd proportions

Jan 28, 2019
Shannon M.
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I wish there was an option to order more cookies! There's enough coffee to make an entire large pot. But only one cookie to pair with each pot of coffee! It was a bummer to have to split a cookie in half to share with my husband. For $20 I want the whole cookie. I'd re-subscribe in a heartbeat if there was an option pick the serving size.

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Coffee ok service?

Apr 10, 2019
Rosemarie C.
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The coffee is alright. I've tried on numerous times to reach someone, I guess this is the only way to do it.
Please cancel my monthly subscription.

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Awesome Cookies, Coffee OK

Mar 16, 2019
Mr. P.
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I am a huge coffee lover and was disappointed in the coffee sent in this box. The cookies were amazing though! They were so soft and fresh.

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