Zoo -- Basic Math: K thru 2nd Grade

A true and unique Play to Learn Math experience in each package! Ages 5 to 8.
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Math Bricks -- Building an Understanding of Math!

A Subscription Service that combines the fun of building models out of Lego® bricks with a tangible exploration of fundamental math concepts. Intended for early elementary age children, each package contains a lesson, instructions for building a model, bricks, & a minifig. Building each model adds to previous models & prepares for future lessons.

  • Each build encompasses 2 or more math concepts and explores one in detail. The Lessons are integrated in such a way to give the child a relaxed real world math experience while they play.
  • Every new account begins with the First model in the Collection or Series so no one ever misses out.
  • All models and lessons were developed by an ex-Math Teacher with a Masters in Teaching Mathematics who understands from raising her own children the important developmental benefits children receive from playing with Lego® bricks and incorporating Play with Learning.
  • Only the highest quality bricks are used. Lego® bricks or Lego® quality and compatible bricks are sourced for all models and lessons.
  • Each box includes between 50 and 100 bricks to construct the model and the pieces for assembling a minifig.

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Photo of Zoo -- Basic Math: K thru 2nd Grade current box 1st Model for the Animal Series in Zoo Collection

1st Model for the Animal Series in Zoo Collection

Our 1st package in the Animal Series in the Zoo Collection contains an overview of Symmetry while the child builds 2 Pandas. They learn about Symmetry, Line of Symmetry and some of the different ways elements in the real world are Symmetrical. A QR code links to an accompanying instructional video. Regardless of when you start the Zoo Collection, if you start with the Animal Series, this will be the first mailing. It has minimum of 52 bricks and a minifig.

Order by December 24th to get this box!



Q: Which Zoo Collection would you suggest I start out with for my 5yr old son? Also, When do you ship the 1st order? After order is placed or not until the next months shipment? Asked by Amber Z., October 2020

Math Bricks answered...October 2020

For a 5 year old, I suggest starting with the Animal Series. The first box is shipped on the 5th of the month after they are placed. (I’m working on changing that but I’m not there yet) The first box in the animal series contains 2 Pandas, 2 sections of fence, a mini figure, and lots of other goodies. Thanks for your Question.


Q: Are there enough supplies for 2 people to use one subscription box?Asked by Mark A., September 2020


Q: What is the suggested age range for this subscription?Asked by Mark A., September 2020

Math Bricks answered...September 2020

I have 2 Collections to choose from. The Zoo Collection is basic math concepts and is designed for ages 5 to 9. The Castle Collection is exclusively Fractions and is designed for ages 7 to 11. However, both Collections would be great for children struggling with math concepts regardless of their age and children with learning difficulties of all ages.


Q: When is my subscription billed?Asked by Mark A., September 2020

Math Bricks answered...September 2020

When an order is initially placed, it is billed right away. When a subscription renews, it renews on the 11th of each month and -- unless you have pre-payed -- the renewal will bill between the 11th and the 15th.

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Learning without realizing it.

Sep 15, 2020
Cher M.
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This box is amazing. It comes with everything you need to build the projects. Along with detailed instructions on how to put each piece together. My kiddos had a blast putting these together and even enjoyed playing with them afterward. The really cool thing is they were learning and not realizing it. Which is a Win-Win for parent and child.
This box is fun and I recommend it for anyone with children.

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Math Bricks said...Sep 17, 2020

I'm so glad your kids enjoyed! Thanks for sharing.

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