Men's Accessories Box
Monthly subscription box catered to enhance any man's wardrobe

Plans as low as $30.00 $28.00 / month

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3.2 of 5 stars
Good price, quality and service.
by Tristan written Dec 26, 2017
I got my first box last week and have been using the items ever since. The the scarf and hat are a warm material that is soft and comfortable. The socks are a good material that goes into the work dress rotation. The only issue with the socks is the excess thread go on the inside from the pattern and that is a personal thing. The last item I have yet to use but they are a nice paid of cufflinks. At a dept store these items would range from $8-25 or up depending on whose name is on them. Randi is also very good to work with and really tries to tailor the boxes to your needs. I look forward to working with Randi and seeing what arrives in the coming months.
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by Kayla written Dec 13, 2017
Not worth the money
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Well Curated Box!! Thoughtful too!
by serena written Oct 26, 2017
Excellent curated gift set for men of many fashions: What I recieved was: ** A Tie still in plastic : Neat, clean, may work with many suits & styles, very straight - impressed by this where I have had a few before wrinkled and this 1 was not!o ** Fish Hook tie Clip : unique - set for my preference : fishing / the outdoors - neato! ** Box of Mens Collar Stays : Collar stiffners- keep dress shirt collars in place, in a very cool leather box - Im going to use later for either perfume vials or another small delicate since there are straps placed inside
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Cool Stuff
by Nicole written Apr 05, 2017
My box was very thoughtfully put together. I love how they listened to my style profile and gave my husband stuff that speaks to his hobbies like nautical style cufflinks and ties and pocket squares that match... The quality was even better than I thought it would be! Thanks so much. This was a HUGE HIT with my husband!
Awesome Company
by Lauren written Dec 11, 2016
I absolutely loved my Mens Accessories shop order. It came so quickly. The merchandize I receive each month is of the highest quality. I can not wait for my next box to arrive. This is the perfect Christmas gift for the men in your life. Order now!
Perfect Choices
by Melissa written Dec 09, 2016
I received my first package today from Men's Accessories Box. I bought this for my husband. I was pleasantly surprised by the selection inside. I got cufflinks, a tie, tie bar, corkscrew and money clip. My husband loved each item. They did a nice job picking items that matched the information I gave them. I'm definitely going to continue my subscription.
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by Nathan written Nov 27, 2016
This box was totally useless. Not worth the money.
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Cheap junk in a box – DO NOT BUY
by Daniel written Nov 23, 2016
This subscription box is worthless. I chose the "professional" box and no person in an office who wants to keep their job would wear any of these items to work. Received my first box and I would never choose to spend my money on any of these items nor would I ever wear any of them. The tie is unstylish (flat bottom, no point) and feels cheap and tacky made of some strange fabric. I got a lapel pin which was made of green and yellow felt stuck together with visible glue in the shape of a flower, looks like it was made by a child, and the colours go with nothing. No human adult would wear this anywhere, ever. The cufflinks were cheap knockoff Star Wars symbols. Wasted my money and I strongly advise you not to do the same! Many better options available even if they are a little more expensive!
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Deceptive Marketing--Low Quality
by James written Nov 20, 2016
Ordered multiple men's accessory boxes last month to compare and was pleasantly surprised with all of them except for this one. I received an exact matching unbranded tie, pocket square and cufflinks and a set of gavel cufflinks. The gavel cufflinks were ok, but the rest of the items were a mess. The tie was misshapen, the pocket square was already fraying, and the matching cufflinks were off-center (they contained the same fabric as the tie and the pocket square). When I googled the name of the individual who they quote on their ads, it led to another site where I could purchase the tie for ten dollars and the pocket square and cufflinks for another ten dollars. Even though I went in with low expectations, I was still very disappointed and would not recommend this to anyone. Perhaps they sometimes include better items, but my box was a mess.
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