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Self-Care Subscription Box for Pre-Teens & Teens - No longer Avilable

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A monthly Self Care Subscription box for all ages.
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Run by a petulant child

Nov 22, 2019
Jacqueline P.
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the business practice of the woman behind this box is appalling. If you dare contact her outside her very specific hours she deletes you, if you ask a question she deletes you. She then will post nasty messages about you to her multiple social media groups which all do the same thing .
The get out clause is long term health problems. You cant post videos about how you are going to take on new work challenges and then in the next breath talk about how disabled you are,
Also note that boxes are not generic self care they are focused on specific disorders - why I would want a pin badge saying endowarrior is beyond me but I will never find out her thinking because the business owner blocked me for asking.
thanks merida/merribeme or whoever you are today for cancelling the paypal before I could get to it. Will give my money to someone else , knowing she will be bleating all over about how rude I am, how many boxes she has left and how hard she works.

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