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Self-Care Subscription Box for Pre-Teens & Teens - No longer Avilable

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A monthly Self Care Subscription box for all ages.

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Great Box but....

Jan 11, 2020
Melanie M.
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The contents of the box are great. Can't complain at all about the actual box. The business competency of the seller is another story. She changed the name of the box, then used different initials (TSCSB) to apply for payment. Not only does TSCSB belong to a COMPUTER SOFTWARE COMPANY (as I found out AFTER I googled it), my bank didn't recognise the name. I DIDNT KNOW THE INITIALS (hence the google), so it went down on my bank account as a fraudulent payment. My card was cancelled!! I had to wait for a new card, had to change ALL my personal info, etc. The inconvenience was unbelievable, as I'm disabled and do all my shopping online. When I found out it was Merida (yes, the Merida who has left reviews on her OWN box!!), I emailed her about it and she was incredibly unprofessional, downright rude, pretty much illiterate and even threatened ME with the police!! My opinion..AVOID AT ALL COSTS. There are other great boxes available without the aggro, abuse and unprofessionalism. Here is my email and her response.
Hi Merida, I'm still a bit confused. My bank contacted me on Saturday as they had noticed "suspicious activity" on my account.
They had picked up an unrecognized monthly payment to TSCBS, for £28.95, on 12 July. Was this you? This was the transaction that caused the block on my account, as there has never been a monthly payment to TSCBS. Yours have always shown as Meribee me. When I...

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