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Loving my first box!
by Janis written Sep 24, 2018
I was pleasantly surprised by what was in this box. Sometimes what you see advertised is not quite what you get but I am pleased with everything. The contents were nicely packaged with care, the bracelet I got is lovely, I love all the glass jars, and the soap smells fantastic. I got seven items - Earl Gray tea, Cypress body butter, Juniper Sage salt bath, Lavender meditation elixir, sweetgrass bar soap, the bracelet, and the sage-like burners. Awesome!
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by Stephanie written Jul 19, 2018
Out of all the subscription boxes I've purchased this is the first one to really make me happy. The products are really high quality and I love the glass containers and all natural ingredients. The unusual scents like sage & tangerine put you in a blissful state and create a spa like feel. Plus they come out with new scents each quarter for you to try. The only negative is it's a quarterly box and having to wait 3 months for the new products is torture. This is how good the box is!
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My first box
by Lee written Jul 18, 2018
Wonderful! The body butter is SOOOOO Nice! Can't wait to use the exfolient. I love the way this was packaged and the write ups for each item. I like how everything is tied together to help not just the body but the mind and the spirit as well. I am looking forward to my next box.
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by Erin written May 29, 2018
I can’t say enough wonderful things about this box. I am going to contact the company to see about upgrading my annual subscription to the larger box. The scents are amazing. I found myself wanting to take my soap in my purse to work with me just because of the spa like feel and calmness it gave. I am going to be purchasing more. This is my favorite subscription box and I’m embarrassed to say I subscribe to 22. I know. I need help.
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by Jamie written May 19, 2018
I absolutely loved everything in this box!
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So nice
by Erin written May 17, 2018
I absolutely love this box. This was my first one and I am in love. The smell is so relaxing. It has made my day
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Just what I needed!
by Julia written May 15, 2018
I just received my first Merkaela box, and like everyone else has stated, it was well worth it. Everything was beautifully packaged, smelled great, and most importantly, contained natural ingredients! No strong perfumes or artificial colors to damage your skin! I’m very happy I decided to purchase this subscription. I absolutely love it! Thanks Merkaela for making a high quality natural box!!
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Simply Awesome!
by Christine written Apr 26, 2018
My Merkaela subscription is a keeper. As others have indicated simply beautiful and elegant. Highly will not be disappointed.
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The VERY BEST Box Available!
by Tracy written Mar 24, 2018
Merkaela is one of the very best subscriptions available. Beautifully packaged, quality products in every box. I’ve been receiving Merkaela boxes for a year and each box is better than the last. Keep up the amazing work!
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Beautiful box
by Christina written Mar 22, 2018
I received my first box a couple of days ago and it does not disappoint. The packaging is beautifully done. It came with body butter, soap, meditation spray, a gemstone, bath salts, a journal, a box of incense, tea and a card with meditation techniques. This product is very high quality. Smells like spa products. The body butter is soooo smooth and creamy! I make my own soaps and self care products but I'm def keeping this subscription. It's like my surprise special treat!! I'm looking forward to my next box already. Highly recommend.
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