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Nov 17, 2020
Jane G.
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I got the october box. I can't believe I paid $40 for 2 dragons blood sage bundles, 1 mini bar of store bought soap, 1 small abalone shell with bits of herbs to burn, and one very small 30 ml bottle of nag champa room spray that did not have cellophane around it. I also got 10 pieces of starburst candy and 2 pieces of sour candy. To top it off, the items were loose and they rattled around before I opened the box. there were 2 pieces of packing tissue in this shoebox sized box to cushion it during shipping. I wrote to them and asked why they thought this was worth $40 and they claimed they were sending something else separately: they claimed there was a shipping issue with the "main gift" and that would arrive soon. Of course, nothing else was ever sent.

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Mermaid Venom said...Nov 17, 2020

Hey there Jane,
I'm sorry you were disappointed in our first run of the boxes but I was trying to resolve the issue with you through email but I never heard back from you. I just sent you an email again to resolve this.

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