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MidnightMuses Box

by MidnightMuses™ by SugarMuses®
A unique witchy box with an earthy, gothic style!
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MidnightMuses™ by SugarMuses®

Introducing MidnightMuses the shadow side of SugarMuses! Some of the best creations come to us after the sun has fallen & the moon has risen. A romantic potpourri of magickal darkness & light, these boxes are curated for my fellow witches, magick weavers, priestesses, alchemists, spirit realm walkers, astral travelers, & other magickal creatures.

  • A collection of midnight-inspired magickal items. Create your reality through intention & ritual using the themed items contained in your magickal box!
  • Boxes can include between 7-9 items such as: candles, incense, oils, gemstones, herbs, hand blended tea, jewelry, and ritual bath/beauty products.
  • Original artwork, altar/sacred space tools and ritual items.
  • You will receive an intuitively drawn tarot card along with information on items including rituals and spells.
  • Boxes ship flat rate $7. First box will be the next months box and ships the following month between the 4th-11th. Orders are gathered to be fulfilled the following month. If you want to “try a box” please use the “Give as a Gift” option and uncheck "auto renew". Emails are sent with order and shipping information. Make sure to check your junk/spam folders for emails from MidnightMuses and Cratejoy as they may be marked as “spam”. Please review our FAQs (link provided in order receipt email) for more information about boxes and how subscriptions work. If you have a question about our subscription or need assistance, please contact us.

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Customer Questions (4)


Q: Do you know when you're available? I'm very interested in trying out. (: Asked by Kd P., October 2019

I got on the waiting list mid july i do believe, by signing up for the notifications when it would be available again and by mid august I got a notification and got in...I am so glad my second box is getting shipped today and I am super excited!!!!

by Roxanne R., October 2019


Q: Greetings! How can I sign up for the waiting list? Asked by Tammy B., July 2021

MidnightMuses™ by SugarMuses® answered...August 2021

Hi Tammy,
Thanks for your question. I repsonded to your email request on Jul 31. Please check your junk/spam folders should my email have been marked as spam.
Thank you!
MidnightMuses by SugarMuses


Q: Where can I sign up to be notified when subscriptions are open? I really do want to try this box. Thank you ❤️Asked by Elena R., March 2021

MidnightMuses™ by SugarMuses® answered...March 2021

Hi Elena,
Thank you for stopping by and asking! Cratejoy is making some changes with their system so the "Notify me when available” feature is not yet available with the new system changes. As of now, customers will not be able to get a notification until a store is no longer in "sold-out mode”. Some stores may have this feature while others don’t as Cratejoy gradually completes this transition on their platform.
You will have to periodically check back to see when boxes are available. I apologize for any inconveniences, however, this is beyond my control and is dependent on what they do with their system.
I appreciate your understanding.
Blessings -


Q: I just been looking and don't see where to do that even did a search. :)Asked by Tammy G., October 2020

No answers yet! Be the first to help by adding an answer below.

Reviews (13)

Great Value and Useful Items

Jun 10, 2019
Verified Purchase
Jocelyn T.
11 Reviews
3 Pictures
20 Helpful
Subscribed for 1 month

The June 2019 MidnightMuses was my first experience with a SugarMuses subscription. Initial impression? I love it! The juxtaposition of yellow and black, light and dark, is pure eye candy. Each item is high-quality and useful, which is important to me. While I am sad I missed May's box, I am so happy I subscribed in June!

Beautiful altar set up

Jun 10, 2019
Verified Purchase
Mary S.
2 Reviews
2 Pictures
3 Helpful
Subscribed for 6 months

I love this box! The quality and assortment of items in this box is wonderful! I set up a complete altar using all the items from this box with some of my personal items, and I appreciate the enclosed letter telling how to use the items in ritual. The raven statue and necklace alone are worth far more than the price of the box. Very satisfied customer, looking forward to future boxes.

Best box ever!!!

Feb 11, 2021
Verified Purchase
Heather W.
1 Review
2 Helpful
Subscribed for 2 years

I have been with sugar muses/midnight muses for about 2 years now. It is with a sad heart that I must cancel my subscription. Times are very hard and uncertain for me right now but maybe one day I can come back.
Of all of the metaphysical boxes I have tried, this by far has been the best. Every item is very good quality and useful for my practice. The boxes are always beautifully packaged and arrive in a timely manner. The artwork and introduction to each box is always beautiful, helpful, and instructive.
I highly recommend this box!! I have enjoyed every box for the last 2 years!!!

Pure Magick

Nov 07, 2019
Verified Purchase
Stephen L.
1 Review
1 Helpful
Subscribed for 4 months

I just today received my 3rd box. I have to start by saying I absolutely LOVE this box and the products that come with it. However, the photos are a bit misleading. Some of the preview photos make it look like you get larger oils/tinctures, larger crystals and more eclectic BOS pages. While you still receive these items they are smaller than whats in the photographs. Once you are OK with that, you will love this box. I just got November 2019, and its amethyst- celestial dreams theme and wow- I am blown away. The roller oil Dream Walker- I have never smelled something so great great before in my entire life. I am going to need more of this stuff as this scent speaks to me on a spiritual level and need it on me everyday forever haha. And the coin!! Ugh, the horoscope coin.. unbelievable. This box is packed with so much love and intent- when you open it you are immediately immersed in magick. Thank you for such a great product- my birthday is a few days from now and it was the best gift! Thank you for truly taking the time to create something so special.
p.s- for real can I buy more of this Dream Walker? like in bulk? pretty please? Can i make it into a body spray?


Aug 15, 2019
Verified Purchase
Chelsee J.
2 Reviews
1 Helpful
Subscribed for 1 year

Got my first box from this collection. I am in love.

Love it!

Nov 07, 2019
Verified Purchase
Catherine H.
3 Reviews
1 Helpful
Subscribed for 6 months

I look forward to getting these boxes. They are original and good quality. Love everything about it! Thanks!!!

Beautiful and well-curated

Sep 21, 2019
Verified Purchase
Coral S.
1 Review
1 Helpful
Subscribed for 10 months

I got the September (Mabon) box. It was my first SugarMuses box ever, and I was so thrilled with its contents! A tea, some incense, a quartz point, a bell(!), a candle, a very cool oracle coin, and I'm sure I'm leaving some things out. Plus, a ritual to tie it all together! I'm definitely staying subscribed to this box for as long as I can afford to, because it's wonderful.

May 25, 2019
Verified Purchase
Tina A.
28 Reviews
36 Helpful
Subscribed for 1 year

Everything is so magickal, quality products, cant wait for my next box.

Grateful for SugarMuses

Feb 08, 2021
Verified Purchase
Lori S.
3 Reviews
2 Helpful
Subscribed for 2 years

Really lovely box sub. Tried many others and have always decided to stay with the Deluxe and Midnight Muse boxes for the great variety of quality items. The website has so many more beautiful things that may or may not come in one of the boxes...it’s worth a visit. See my review of the Deluxe box for more detail.

💫Happy Witch

Jun 10, 2019
Verified Purchase
Hannah G.
1 Review
Subscribed for 8 months

Beautiful and helpful. Very happy

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