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Looking for balance, positivity & zen? Mindfulness Box provides simple reminders & inspiring goods

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3.5 of 5 stars
by Tiffany written 2 months ago
Took 7.5 weeks to get a box. The contents were 1) two teabags-filled with water and wouldn’t infuse so I had just water. 2) oil-lid broke in 3 pieces and had to be trashed after one use 3) a bracelet-minus any sandalwood scent as claimed 4)tealight candle-went our after a couple minutes and wouldn’t relight. 5) two tumbled crystals-okay 6) an oil burner-heavy and decent, no issues. Hardly worth the $29 and the hassle of communication was a NIGHTMARE!
No box yet.
by AmyJohnson written 3 months ago
I ordered in time well before the 12th of the month, but the third week of the month came and went with no box, and the page says my order is getting ready for shipment, now in the fourth week of the month. And yet, it has already charged me for a second month.
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Mindfulness Box
by Rori written 3 months ago
I ordered my box in December and I still have not received it. I emailed them and there has been no response either. Wish I could get something that I paid for
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Little box of happiness
by Joanna written 4 months ago
This is the only subscription that I've kept for any length of time. I eagerly look forward to each month's box. They always provide me with a little bit of peace and mindfulness.
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by Natalee written 4 months ago
Box still hasn’t come yet and it’s been a month
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I love this
by Randi written 5 months ago
I love the contents of this box BUT it takes forever to get. It does not ship out the same time every month. They do send you an email when they mail it out but still, would be nice to get it the same time every month.
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by Joy written 7 months ago
I have gotten my orders!!! I love my surprises!
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by Vickie written 7 months ago
I have been billed for two shipments but only received one. I've sent a total of 8 emails trying to figure this out. They have NOT responded. I see a lot of dissatisfied customers out there. I'm calling the Better Business Bureau....please also do so if they've ripped you off.
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Not worth the money
by Erin written 7 months ago
The products contained in box. I had hoped it would get better. I gave it several months....
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by Katya written 7 months ago
I wanna say after taking a closer look. It's not that bad. But the box doesn't look like any of the pictures. So it's a little deceiving. But it's not that bad
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