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Quality Deteriorated
by Paris written Sep 16, 2018
I used to love this box. The past few months the products have been extremely cheap and poor quality. I had hoped but first this was a fluke based on prior boxes but crap quality appears to be the new norm. I have since cancelled this box.
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by Stephanie written Jul 19, 2018
I wish I would have looked at the reviews before I purchased this box but yes, it does take forever to get your first box and it's hardly worth the $30. The contents are maybe worth $12 at most but probably less at they are getting wholesale prices. The worst part is the cheap essential oil from India but I guess if you're into Nag Champa you'd like it. I went online and looked up all the prices and I cancelled right away.
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by Laurel written Jun 21, 2018
My subscription seems to be in limbo. It's not active ,nor is it inactive.
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by Pam written May 31, 2018
I Love my Mindfulness Box!!! I look forward to receiving it each month! Each month is I am so excited with what I receive!!
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by Wendy written May 04, 2018
This used to be my favorite box but things have deteriorated. The Bells Luna Luz products made this subscription one of the best around. I ordered more of those products separately on the website and never received them. Well after a month late I emailed them and was told Mindfulness Box was under new ownership and they would not have Bella Luna Luz products any longer. Did get a refund but seriously!! Cancelled my subscription .
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by Tiffany written Feb 03, 2018
Took 7.5 weeks to get a box. The contents were 1) two teabags-filled with water and wouldn’t infuse so I had just water. 2) oil-lid broke in 3 pieces and had to be trashed after one use 3) a bracelet-minus any sandalwood scent as claimed 4)tealight candle-went our after a couple minutes and wouldn’t relight. 5) two tumbled crystals-okay 6) an oil burner-heavy and decent, no issues. Hardly worth the $29 and the hassle of communication was a NIGHTMARE!
No box yet.
by AmyJohnson written Jan 27, 2018
I ordered in time well before the 12th of the month, but the third week of the month came and went with no box, and the page says my order is getting ready for shipment, now in the fourth week of the month. And yet, it has already charged me for a second month.
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Mindfulness Box
by Rori written Jan 26, 2018
I ordered my box in December and I still have not received it. I emailed them and there has been no response either. Wish I could get something that I paid for
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Little box of happiness
by Joanna written Dec 31, 2017
This is the only subscription that I've kept for any length of time. I eagerly look forward to each month's box. They always provide me with a little bit of peace and mindfulness.
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by Natalee written Dec 26, 2017
Box still hasn’t come yet and it’s been a month
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