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$39.99+ $34.58+ / month
Product Overview
  • We will ship on the 1st of every month!
  • Ships worldwide from United States
  • Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime
We are the fastest growing MMA Team online! A team of Women, Men, Athletes, and Warriors! The MMA Pack is for everyone who is looking to kick their training into high gear. Items selected and designed to improve the lives of our MMA team. With many size options, our team is open to any weight-class Strawweight to Super Heavyweight. Join Today!
  • UFC Memorabilia and with chances to win signed gear
  • Sports Performance T-Shirts/Apparel to keep your body cool & dry, not sweaty
  • Opportunities for new MMA apparel companies and fighters to promote themselves
  • Health and Fitness Equipment specifically designed to keep you in the fight
  • Organic Nutrition and Tips for Athletes
Subscriber Reviews
3.8 of 5 stars
by Matthew written 2 months ago
First off Iam a easy going guy and dont mind trying out these boxes or two.... But I have to agree with Michael (written same day as my review). Got a OK t-Shirt, crinkled sticker, a pin (for fighting hipsters?!), crushed cookie, a throw-away mouthguard and a 6 buck case, with the protein gel. If I could give it no stars I would. Going to give it one more chance.... Will also write a review on that.
Don't know what happened
by Michael written 2 months ago
I enjoyed the service at first but the last 2 packs were pretty barebones. Hot packs, a mouth guard and a shirt. Maybe 40 why am I paying 45 and being promised 100+. This months was even worse. An $8 mouth guard a $9 mouth guard case, a gu gel worth about $1.20 a gu stroopwafel worth about $1 2 mma pack pins, an mma pack sticker and an mma pack shirt....not even in the size I indicated and have gotten for every other shirt. Don't think this even truly tops $35. More than likely a canceled subscription after 2 disappointing boxes in a row with a skipped month by the company in between.
SOOOO disappointed.
by Mini written 4 months ago
I really really wanted to love this! Instead, I figure I received $40 worth of stuff, MAX, in this last box. One mouthguard, two Hot & Cold packs, and one t-shirt? Really? I checked online....$40. NOT the $100 promised, or even closet that. Plus, the pack was late -- which I could overlook, except that it was so disappointing when it arrived, it just made everything worse. Seems that the first few packs were pretty good -- this one went way downhill.
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