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MMA Pack

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The Number One Submission Subscription!

$39.99+ / month
Product Overview
  • We will ship on the 1st of every month!
  • Ships worldwide from United States
  • Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime
We are the fastest growing MMA Team online! A team of Women, Men, Athletes, and Warriors! The MMA Pack is for everyone who is looking to kick their training into high gear. Items selected and designed to improve the lives of our MMA team. With many size options, our team is open to any weight-class Strawweight to Super Heavyweight. Join Today!
  • UFC Memorabilia and with chances to win signed gear
  • Sports Performance T-Shirts/Apparel to keep your body cool & dry, not sweaty
  • Opportunities for new MMA apparel companies and fighters to promote themselves
  • Health and Fitness Equipment specifically designed to keep you in the fight
  • Organic Nutrition and Tips for Athletes

Subscriber Reviews


by Anthony, Jul 09, 2018

If I could give this subscription no stars, I would. I received 3 out of my 6 months and have tried to contact them several times about that and other things. No response. Not only that but the 3 months that I did receive, had the same exact hand wraps in every single pack. Mind you, the pack only comes with about 3 things so when one of them is the same every month, it’s a bummer. I wish SOME ONE would contact me about their business. I payed the money, I did my part. Get it together MMAPACK.

Verified Purchase

Not a Fan

by Lyndsey, Jun 15, 2018

Only received 2 out the three months I subscribed for. Tried to cancel before it auto renewed and it seems their domain is expired. Did not get quality products and was charged for another subscription even after contacting the company asking to cancel. Such a hassle for sub par sh*t.

Verified Purchase

Two things

by Dune, Mar 08, 2018

I bought a pack as a Birthday gift for my boyfriend which falls on 11 March. So I contacted them several times via Cratejoy and even on their Facebook page. If you are lucky, they take a day to reply but if not they will take ages. Long story short, I made a purchase without knowing that I've missed their cut off date, and did not get a reply after asking for an exception or a refund. Firstly, they should have stated their cut off date somewhere to inform people to make their order in time. According to them, they purchase their gear 2 weeks in advance for the next month's subscribers. I looked through all their platforms - website, Facebook and Instagram- and couldn't find that information anywhere. So I wonder is that too hard for them to write one extra sentence on top of what they have? Lastly, I would not be this frustrated if they have been more responsive to my messages. I know I've missed the deadline but at least let me know whether they are preparing my pack as an exception or giving me a refund as soon as possible. It's now 3 days before my boyfriend's birthday, I still do not have his present ready and my money is with them so that means I'm totally screwed all thanks to them. Tbh I only purchased this because it's the only MMA subscription pack available out of all the BJJ ones everywhere. Purchase at your own risk.

Verified Purchase
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