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Mommy Mailbox & Miss Mailbox provide a monthly care package of stylish goodies to uplift women.

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4.1 of 5 stars
So disappointed
by Lee written today
I ordered in early November. It is now the 15th of December. I have written and asked several times where my box is because they sure didn't waste any time taking my money but after one email a month ago, I have gotten zero response. Isn't this considered stealing or fraud or SOMETHING? This box wasn't exactly cheap and to have received absolutely nothing well over a month later really upsets me.
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by Debbie written 6 days ago
Customer service is bad. Have sent several emails with no response. I paid 3 months in advance last month. Wish I could get a refund but I can't get a response.
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So Disappointed
by Chanda written Sep 04, 2018
I purchased this box as a one time gift for my sister. It was quite costly and when she showed me the picture of the contents inside I couldn't believe how disappointing it was. It contained two recycle bags that are barely big enough to use for groceries, fruit chews, a keychain and a bracelet that did not fit. The total cost looked about $10 worth a product whereas I paid $60 for shipping and the US Dollar. I will not be ordering this again, as both my sister and I felt like it was a complete waste of money.
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by Kaylan written Apr 25, 2018
I loved my box!! I received rose gold earrings, a fancy rose gold pen to write with, nice smelling glow lotion, amazing bath salts and then these really yummy pretzels that were cake flavored and I'm so in love !! Buying again !
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Look elsewhere
by Lynda written Apr 18, 2018
Slow and irregular shipping. Got my Feb box with a Valentine item after Valentine's Day, same for March with a St Patrick's Day. Ordered a grab box which was far less than promoted. Over priced for certain, spotty customer service, too stressful this sub box . Sub boxes are supposed to be fun, not stress you out like this one did for me.
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by Jahnavi written Apr 12, 2018
I've been getting this box for four months and it's just ok. One, the product selection is not great. In fairness some of the products are awesome (like the amazing little body butter, rose gold earrings, really great smelling candle, plastic wine glasses with the thumb groove) but most just didn't work for me. For example, they sent me a really masculine smelling EO perfume, and although they did replace it at my request with a more feminine one, the perfume doesn't have any staying power. They also sent me a pair of rose gold bobby pins, but in my opinion they look really childish and tacky, especially against my black hair. Two, many products seems to be old stock - I was sent a facial scrub with an expiry date four months from when I received it, which is odd to me considering cosmetics generally last at least two years (they sent me a replacement, but still). I received a lip stain and the box it came in was all scuffed up (like bottom of a clearance bin scuffed). My most recent box had a metallic rose gold pen which is cute but it has a bunch of scratches and marks on it as if it has been used. Three, the ship dates are all over the place so you never know when to expect your box. One of my boxes took around two weeks to arrive after it shipped. I've gotten other subscription boxes that consistently ship and arrive in the same 2-3 day window every month and that's what I want out of a subscription. Four, customer service is friendly and responsive but not always super helpful. They forgot to send me the perfume and scrub replacements mentioned above and I had to contact them about it a second time. And the month my box arrived two weeks late, I never even got a response to my email asking what was going on. So overall...it's an ok box if you don't have specific tastes and you're open to getting some items that are kind of beat up. I don't think it's worth the price. I bought the 6-mo subscription but will not likely renew.
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I Enjoy This!
by Elizabeth written Jan 05, 2018
I love getting my MommyMailbox every month! The items inside everybox I have gotten so far have been fantastic! I like that it doesn't normally have a lot of make up or skincare like most other boxes. The only reason it is a 4/5 star is because the shipping could be improved. I seem to get the notification my box is shipped when I've already paid for the next month's box.
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It was okay
by Aileen written Dec 25, 2017
I was hoping for my first box from them to be somewhat special but I was unfortunately unhappy with the majority of the products that came with it.
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Love it!
by Kathryn written Dec 22, 2017
December's box was one of my favorites ever! The calendar was gorgeous and I love the tassel earrings--I can't wear heavy earrings so it's fun to get in on the trend without weighing down my ears! And the mug is the BEST. Everyone at work keeps asking me where I got it! Keep up the good work!
Lots of Fun Things
by Christine written Dec 21, 2017
Last year I received a Faithbox subscription. While there were some nice things in it, I asked to try the Mommy Mailbox this year. I won't be able to use everything in it (hence the 4 out of 5) but the things I can't use are fun/cute enough that I can share with someone else and overall I'm pretty pleased. Looking forward to the next one.
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