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Monthly tastings of unique variations of the ingredients you reach for every day!
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Taste uncommon variations of common ingredients.

BoucheBox is more than a box. It's an experience and a community for curious cooks. Each month we'll send you 6-8 samples of a themed ingredient - think salt, olive oil, honey, chocolate, pepper - plus tasting cards, recipes, and a fun kitchen gadget. AND you're invited to our monthly Taste & Toast - a LIVE (virtual) tasting & cooking experience!
  • We’ll introduce you to unique variations of the ingredients you reach for every day.
  • Each monthly box includes 6-8 samples, tasting cards, recipes, a fun kitchen gadget PLUS
  • Access to our LIVE (virtual) TASTING EXPERIENCE (recording available if you miss it.)
  • Perfect experience for curious cooks of all experience levels!
  • FREE SHIPPING on all subscriptions!

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Q: Are the products gluten free?Asked by Elizabeth D., August 2022

BoucheBox answered...August 2022

Great question! Because we typically focus on single ingredients (i.e. salt, cooking oil, honey) most are gluten free. If they're not, we'll call that out. You can always skip a month if the ingredients do have gluten. While we do our best to avoid it, we can't guarantee that our kitchen is 100% gluten free.

Reviews (4)

So Much Fun!!!

May 13, 2022
Verified Purchase
Karen M.
1 Review
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Subscribed for 3 days

This is such a fun experience! Not only do you get a bunch of different variations on an ingredient, but you also learn so much about that month’s ingredient & how to incorporate it into your cooking. The online event is a great way to share the experience with friends, or make new ones. You can tell that Amy loves what she does, & she wants you to love exploring new tastes. And, it is a great gift idea for the foodies in your life!

Yummy Tastes, Fun Times, Sweet Toys!

Apr 12, 2022
Verified Purchase
Christine H.
1 Review

An adventure in every box, for the mind and the mouth! I've learned so much about different ingredients, and new ways to use them that I can incorporate into my daily cooking routines. The online events are great, with a fun, expanding community. Can't wait to see what new ingredients are around the corner, not to mention the little gift that comes in every box (it's the adult equivalent to toys in cereal boxes!)

Great box & live experience!

Apr 11, 2022
Verified Purchase
Erick L.
1 Review
Subscribed for 10 days

Such a great experience. Going to purchase a subscription for a friend as a gift right now. Live experience sets this apart for sure. Loved discovering how to use different variations of the the same ingredient. Who knew there were so many kinds of chocolate. Just used one of the recipes last night. Thanks, BoucheBox!

Fun experience!

Mar 31, 2022
Verified Purchase
Marilyn Z.
1 Review

What a fun experience! I love opening the box -- it's like Christmas every month! There's so much included in this box and so much information. The best part is the live tasting, it's such a fun, community feeling. Looking forward to my next box.

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Past boxes from LIVE (Virtual) Tasting Experience Every Month!

Nut & Seed Butters

Nut & Seed Butters

This box dives into the vast world of nut & seed butters – almond to pecan, pistachio to cashew. peanut butter powder to tahini...and more! Not only are the varieties endless, but the uses extend far beyond pairing the creamy condiment with its jelly partner. You'll get eight nut & seed butter samples, tasting cards, recipes, and (as always!) a fun kitchen gadget. Plus, watch the video to find out why most nut butters aren’t even made from nuts!

Superfood Seeds

Superfood Seeds

The perfect gift for mom: an interactive experience with you! This month’s box explores eight of our favorite seeds, their health benefits, and fun ideas on how to cook with them…outside of your morning smoothie! It’s especially great if you’re hesitant to try seeds because you think they’re “too healthy” or don’t taste good. Samples include chia, flax, hemp, wattleseed, sunflower, pumpkin and more. Plus recipes, tasting cards and access to our live tasting experience!



Vanilla extract is known as one of the foundational ingredients in baking. But there’s an entire world of extract flavors out there! Lemon, orange, anise, maple, rum and so many more. This tiny powerhouse packs a ton of flavor not only in Grandma’s cookies, but in your pie crust, marinades and sauces, workout smoothie and so much more! This box includes 8 samples of our favorite extracts, plus recipes, tasting cards, a fun kitchen surprise & access to the tasting video.

Get Sauced!

Get Sauced!

It’s barbecue season, so let’s Get Sauced! This month we veer from the single ingredient deep dive to celebrate the many different styles of BBQ sauce in the U.S. St. Louis-style. Texas-style. South Carolina-style. Eastern North Caroline and Western North Carolina-style. And Alabama white sauce??? These recipes and tasting cards will highlight some traditional uses for the ubiquitous summer condiment, and they’ll inspire you with unique applications. Can we say…dessert??

Salty Brown Liquids

Salty Brown Liquids

You know 'em. You use 'em. But you don’t really think about them or the many possibilities they offer. We’re talking about umami-packed flavor bombs like soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, fish sauce, Ponzu sauce, and liquid aminos. We could go on…and we will (at the July 21 Taste & Toast)! These kitchen staples add more than a hit of salt. They add a depth of flavor to savory & sweet dishes. Explore the world of salty brown liquids & the unique uses sure to surprise you!

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