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Brighten your life with this handmade, fragrance based subscription!

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$10.00+ / 2 months
Product Overview
  • Your box will ship on the end of every month. Please order before the 15th to get the current box.
  • Ships worldwide from United States
  • Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime
Engage your senses!
Moondancer is a unique subscription box that delivers new scents to your door. We make all of our own fragrance-based products for your home and your self. From our workshop to your front door, there is no need to ever be without our great smelling products. Each of our crates are handmade each month, so they are certain to be fresh when you receive them!
  • 12 subscription options to choose from.
  • Products include: incense, fragrance oils, soap, lotion, and candles.
  • Over 500 scents to choose from.
  • We offer monthly and bimonthly subscriptions.
Subscriber Reviews
3.5 of 5 stars
They finally responded
by Stephanie written May 10, 2018
I have bipolar and not knowing things trigger my moods and since it was hard to get a hold of them my moods were triggered but their incense are all in all great worth every cent smells great some dont work but that all incense but all they need to work on is contacts cause some people dont have fb or messenger
Verified Purchase
I think they stole my money
by Stephanie written May 10, 2018
I dont know for sure but i think they stole my money for may 3 it took me a week to get a hold of anyone then i got hold them 1 time saying i got my april box but that wasnt the concern and if they got their message or had a way to get a hold of them other then messenger they would know i bought a box may 3 and canceled may 3 my money was taken out but they wont let me know if i am getting a box this month or money back so far they have my money and i have no way of knowing either way that all i want then i will give them better reviews till then i am frustrated
Verified Purchase
I stick with what i said they use to be.
by Stephanie written May 09, 2018
In the past when i was with moondancer if i had question they were found easily and they would respond pretty quick now their number doesnt work before they just werent answering it now it off i cant find them on facebook they dont respond my emails or texts that not how a bussiness should be when your paying them i canceled and i cant even find out if i am getting my money back or the last box
Verified Purchase
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