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Brighten your life with this handmade, fragrance based subscription!

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Plans as low as $8.33 / month
Product Overview
  • Your box will ship on the end of every month. Please order before the 15th to get the current box.
  • Ships worldwide from United States
  • Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime
Engage your senses!
Moondancer is a unique subscription box that delivers new scents to your door. We make all of our own fragrance-based products for your home and your self. From our workshop to your front door, there is no need to ever be without our great smelling products. Each of our crates are handmade each month, so they are certain to be fresh when you receive them!
  • 12 subscription options to choose from.
  • Products include: incense, fragrance oils, soap, lotion, and candles.
  • Over 500 scents to choose from.
  • We offer monthly and bimonthly subscriptions.

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Amendment to first review - cancelled?

by Raina F., Feb 26, 2019

Everything else I wrote below is still accurate, but I may have figured out the issue with not being able to cancel, and it's Cratejoy's site design rather than Moondancer's fault. Clicking the big blue button after you write in the reason for cancelling doesn't actually cancel anything; you have to click the slightly-bold writing a ways down the page to confirm for the second or third time that you do indeed want to cancel. I don't remember if we got this far on any of our other attempts; we may have stopped after clicking the big blue button below the cancellation box, since on most other sites that would be the submit button. I still stand by the other issues below; a box of incense (which is listed at $8.61 until you subscribe, and then jumps to $10.00, btw) shouldn't cost $20 to ship, and customer service should respond in one way or another.

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How do I leave negative stars?

by Raina F., Feb 26, 2019

The worst customer service I've ever encountered. Customer service is non-existent; they don't answer emails and their phone number conveniently has a voice mailbox that hasn't been set up. I've been trying to cancel since about two minutes after my daughter submitted the first order a couple months ago, right after we realized we'd been charged more than $20 shipping for the $10 box. Granted, she should have checked the shipping cost before submitting the order, but neither of us have ever seen a shipping cost that was 200% of the item cost. It says "cancel anytime" but cancelling doesn't actually work. We've cancelled at least three times in the past two months, but the subscription is still active and I've been charged for two boxes that we didn't want. Oh, and we haven't actually gotten either box because of an error in the address that we didn't notice; we weren't expecting the boxes because we'd cancelled the subscription, so we didn't know they were being sent back due to an address error. So far I've paid more than $60 for nothing, and the subscription still won't cancel after I go through all the cancellation steps. It's looking like I'll have to cancel my debit card and re-setup all my online accounts because of this horrible company that can't bother to respond to emails or answer their phone. At this point I'd be happy with them just cancelling the freaking subscription so they'd stop charging me; getting a refund would...

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by Sammi H., Feb 04, 2019

Just got my first box! I grew up down the street from Moondancer and have been using their stuff for years, so of course I had to try the subscription box! Moondancer has the absolute BEST incense and fragrance oils I've ever used (or smelled!), so I decided to branch out and get the largest box option to see what the other products are like. I was so pleasantly surprised by how bursting the box was with goodies! Everything smells amazing, and I'm already excited about the next box. I really cant recommend Moondancer enough

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