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Brighten your life with this handmade, fragrance based subscription!

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3.6 of 5 stars
They have great products
by Stephanie written Aug 01, 2018
Moondancer has great products I be been with moon dancer long time I love the scents the variety the only I wish they would do different is billing so I could pay on 3rd instead of 1st and I wish they send the box right away instead of waiting the end the month after u pay at the beginning
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They finally responded
by Stephanie written May 10, 2018
I have bipolar and not knowing things trigger my moods and since it was hard to get a hold of them my moods were triggered but their incense are all in all great worth every cent smells great some dont work but that all incense but all they need to work on is contacts cause some people dont have fb or messenger
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I think they stole my money
by Stephanie written May 10, 2018
I dont know for sure but i think they stole my money for may 3 it took me a week to get a hold of anyone then i got hold them 1 time saying i got my april box but that wasnt the concern and if they got their message or had a way to get a hold of them other then messenger they would know i bought a box may 3 and canceled may 3 my money was taken out but they wont let me know if i am getting a box this month or money back so far they have my money and i have no way of knowing either way that all i want then i will give them better reviews till then i am frustrated
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I stick with what i said they use to be.
by Stephanie written May 09, 2018
In the past when i was with moondancer if i had question they were found easily and they would respond pretty quick now their number doesnt work before they just werent answering it now it off i cant find them on facebook they dont respond my emails or texts that not how a bussiness should be when your paying them i canceled and i cant even find out if i am getting my money back or the last box
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They used to be wonderful now what are t
by Stephanie written Apr 28, 2018
I use to love them they were my favorite company now i dont get near my money worth and yes i go by what the stuff cost at walmart because i could easily go there it same exact stuff i dont add the shipping because they have to ship it walmart doesnt but i love getting mail but even w their price incense is 9 cents the burner i got was 3.00 i didnt get 10.00 worth of stuff this month and customer service is got worse you call no one calls back i want the old moondancer that gave good stuff answer almost immediately or i am giving up and going to karma
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Moondancer said...
May 03, 2018
Dear Stephanie, There has been no change in Moondancer - there is no "old Moondancer to get back". The incense is ground up, rolled, and scented by me. To compare my incense to a product you can get at Walmart is not fair, and simply not accurate. For 10.00 you are receiving 150 sticks that have been freshly made for the crates of that month. The burner that you get each month is a free gift. It is not included in the price you are paying. I am sorry if it is not to your liking. I am sorry you feel that you are not being responded to in a timely manner. I respond to all the phone messages that I receive. When I have one from you I will respond to it immediately.
Smells so good!!!
by Terri written Jan 04, 2018
I have gotten two boxes. I loved them both. They smell wonderful and their lotion scents stay on your skin. It's all so terrific. I highly recommend them. If you are into things that smell good, you will like this box. It's different from any of the other boxes I have tried.
by Jalen written Jan 04, 2018
I am very pleased with my products
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Quality goods and lots of them!
by AmyHeller written Jan 04, 2018
I have not purchased a personal care subscription box before and I spent a lot of time narrowing my selection down, with help from my honey. I purchased the I Want It All box from Moondancer and I am very pleased! There were a good number of products in a range of scents. My only complaint, and it is a small one, is that perhaps a little more wrapping could go around the goods as the scents can merge into one another. The soap and the incense specifically, but this has not stopped me from enjoying everything and sharing Moondancer to my friends. :)
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Absolutely a Must Try Box!
by Michele written Jan 02, 2018
If you love smelly goodness, and plenty of it, you will love This! I ordered the SLATHER IT ON and I was not disappointed. From the first order, it was packed with plenty of scents and extra goodies . EVERY order since it has been the same, and I even got a beautiful present free this Xmas. Thank you so much for this amazing box. I am excited to get a order every month. Even the time from when I am notified that box was sent to the time I receive it is usually 2 days. Very very happy with products.
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Still no box!!
by Taylor written Dec 24, 2017
Placed this order over a month ago and after multiple attempts seller responded on Dec 11th to promise me that "no one will go disappointed for Christmas" as this was a gift. It is now Christmas eve (and Sunday) and needless to say I will not have my order by tomorrow. Since she has responded on the 11th I have contacted her several more times asking for the status of my order and finally, asking for a refund. Seller STILL has not responded, I STILL don't have my order or a refund! This whole experience has been a nightmare!!
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