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Astrological Subscription Box for Lunar & Mindful Living

$8.00+ / month

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3.8 of 5 stars
It was nothing like the picture
by faith written Oct 06, 2018
I don't want makeup and didn't think it would have makeup since its called a moonbox, especially cheap drugstore makeup. I wanted items that are in the picture and only received 2 items that were similar. The rest was cheap junk.
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by G. written Oct 05, 2018
Well after this subscription willl not worry about them any more they dont help anyone. Send you to their site to find things and its not on the site only tell you how much the bigger boxes are. they are no help to disabled costumers. i am so done. i dont see how you can say you are Gaia Collective and you don't help your customers. Never want to renew again.
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DO NOT get this box
by MattieLee written Oct 01, 2018
I have been subscribed for almost a year and two months ago I checked my account to be surprised with a 24$ charge on an 8$ box I don’t know how long I was getting charged way more than I signed up for but when I tried to cancel two months ago it didn’t work and today I got charged 22$ I have no idea where these prices are coming from and the box used to come with cool stuff now I get a cheap fabric moon calender and the same tea and oil with no ingredients listed so with allergies you can’t even use them.. this box is a joke don’t get it
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by Irene written Sep 11, 2018
I received my second box on 11th September... it’s not only irremediably late for the new moon ritual but it also came with a broken selenite sphere and it’s the second time I receive damaged stones: the first time it was two little pieces instead of a regular one, not broken, they just sent like that, this time obviously broken... no FRAGILE advise attached to the box... no shipment in advance for overseas parcels, I’m sorry but that’s what happens when people are not serious.
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by Irene written Sep 09, 2018
I subscribed the August box: I received it on the 3rd and one of the stones came in two little pieces, not broken, they simply decided to include two little pieces instead of a regular one. The box also came with no body/aromatherapy/home product, which I would have be happy to receive to be honest so I decided to pay for September box of which they shared a preview on Instagram just because it was supposed to contain some... I gave them a second opportunity: today is September 9th, we’ll have a new moon tonight and I still haven’t received my monthly box... isn’t it supposed to be received for moon phases rituals?? CANCELLED! 👎🏻
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Love it
by Dawn written Jul 29, 2018
I really love this box. Unfortunately I have to cancel but would still recommend & hopefully will be able to start up again soon. Price changed after my 3rd box. Not sure why
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Not worth the money
by Sarah written Jul 20, 2018
Not at all worth $22.
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Not my style
by Anna written Jul 15, 2018
My box (June '18) included some crystals, cosmetics and jewelry that didn't interest me, a smudger... I did love their sustainable packaging though.
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My experience with Moon Box
by K. written Jul 03, 2018
I enjoyed receiving my Moon Box for the first 9/10 months, and the after that the quality of the crystals declined. In addition, my subscription was changed to a more expensive box without my authorization. The teas were always consistent in quality and taste. The oil was a nice addition, but I didn't use them quick enough; however, they made nice little gifts. Overall, it was a good experience receiving my Moon Box subscription for a year.
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Loved it!
by Alyssa written Jun 22, 2018
I had the mini box for 6 months and I really loved it. When I subscribed it was at a lower price, and then they revamped it and added things and the price went up a bit. I think it's a good price for all the cool stuff you get, but I had to cancel since its out of my price range now. Will definitely sign up again if my finacial situation changes though.
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