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4.2 of 5 stars
Absolutely love 💕
by Emma written 6 days ago
Moonbox brings me such joy and happiness each month. Lovely way to celebrate the changing moon! I especially love the essential oil rollers.
by Laura written 6 days ago
Moon Box was great. I love it. I love getting the crystals with their explanations.
by Dayna written 7 days ago
I have yet to receive one. I was charged twice and didn’t get anything
Something to look forward to
by Jess written 7 days ago
The detail and various pieces that went into the Moon Boxes were so special and such a joy to open up every Full Moon. It was like a mini Christmas every month. My favorite part was the Moon Oracle card as it gave a lot to think about and consider for the month. After 6 months of Moon Box bliss, I am ready to move on to my next adventure. I rave about your product to all of my friends and will continue to do so. A few suggestions- the blended oils are a hit or miss. After 6 months of “different” blends, most of them actually smelled the same to me and did not last on the skin as long as I’d like. Also, the tea blends were a hit or miss. I am obsessed with tea, but I felt there were too many non tea ingredients in the blends that detracted from an actual tea taste. I generally just ran a bath and soaked in the tea instead. All in all, everything was wonderful, especially the one time merchants. Keep up the beauty and the great work! Namaste xxx
Mini Moonbox
by Jennifer written 22 days ago
I love receiving my monthly box! It's awesome! The only thing not so great is every once in awhile something is off. Perfume oil leaked once, damage to stones once or twice but nothing too terrible. Otherwise it would have gotten 5 stars. But I do love it and that out weighs the little things that might not be perfect.
Everything I expected & more
by Shelby written 22 days ago
I loved everything that came in the box. And especially the benefits of the crystals. Super great for beginners or people interested in starting their journey
MiniMoon Box!
by Hannah written last year
Just received my first moon box and I LOVE IT. For a little bit I was subscribed to another similar subscription but have since ditched it and gone with this one. It is 1/3 of the cost of my other box, and it has much more useful stuff in it. I love the fact it gives me crystals and their origins and a detailed description. The oil is amazing. I can’t wait to try the tea. Seriously worth the money. I can’t wait to receive one every month. And hopefully soon I can upgrade!!! Love this box
The best thing for my practice
by Alicia written last year
My December moon box was perfect. Beautiful crystals. The oil was perfect and I use it daily. The tea was rich and strong. I love my moon box
In Love!
by Crystal written last year
I love the moon box each month. It helps me set time aside to relax and meditate. I really enjoy getting new crystals and essential oil perfumes. My only complaint is that the oils have no name. I have no idea which one is which. Could you add the name of the moon or have the ingredients on the oils label? I would love to know which ones are my favorite so I could order more of that scent.
First subscription
by Kelly written last year
I love it!!!
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