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4.2 of 5 stars
Exactly what I needed
by Alicia written 5 days ago
I loved moon box. The only bummer was that the tea had an herb I couldn't consume. But the oil was amazing and the stones I recieved were perfect.
Excellent customer service
by Tamsen written 6 days ago
I ordered one of these boxes by accident, confusing it with another company on Cratejoy with a very similar name, and the gals at Gaia Collective were amazing in resolving it. Those two were ultra responsive, went above and beyond and also strove for excellence in customer service. Unfortunately, this box wasn't what I was wanting but I can highly recommend this company from a customer service standpoint based on my experience. I also enjoyed their emails and recordings on how to get the most out of their box even though it wasn't the box I intended to order.
Canceled My Subscription
by Sarah written 9 days ago
After the last few boxes were complete disappointments, I decided to cancel my subscription. The quality of the crystals are lacking, the cards have typos in them, there was a month where I was missing a crystal and an oracle card in the same box. Some of the items seem like they're 1/4 full. The wearable gems are NOT WORTH IT. For the amount of money I pay, I can get quality crystals on Etsy. Another issue that I have, is when I receive my boxes, they always have black ants in them. None of my other mail or boxes that I receive have ants, so it's always puzzling to me as to why that happens. I really enjoy the emails and the recordings, but that's not enough to keep me.
not worth it
by keely written 17 days ago
I thought this box was much better when there was a greater emphasis on the zodiac sign of each full moon. I'm sure others don't care either way, but it seems that both the quantity and quality of the items began slipping when the focus on the zodiac signs dwindled. This month's full moon is in Taurus but the card in the box (I got the mini) doesn't mention Taurus at all. Yes, that isn't a big deal, but I also don't feel like the essential oil blend resonates with Taurus. The blends used to really evoke the signs, but now they don't. The reason I subscribed to this in the first place is due to my love of astrology and the desire to work with its correspondences in the form of oils, etc. Unfortunately, I don't really feel connected anymore to anything that I receive in this box.
MoonBox by Gaia Collective said...
15 days ago
Hi Keely! Thank you so much for your feedback! We’re sorry to hear you aren’t feeling as connected to our Moon Cycle theme for 2017! Our oracle cards are focused on a new theme each year and we had done zodiacs in 2016 so we wanted to offer something new the following year, but we do still include info about the zodiac in our newsletter with your recorded mediation! If you haven’t checked your email, please do! It’s the best part of the box in our opinion :) AND lucky for you we’re going back to Zodiac themed artwork in 2018 in a whole new form. Maybe that round of boxes will call to you more! Thanks again for your review and happy full moon!
by Kelly written 21 days ago
I love this box, definitely subscribing!!!
Mini Moon Box
by Whisper written 23 days ago
The mini moon box is a wonderful and delightful thing to receive each month! The instructions were clear and the essential oil blends were always my favorite part. Thank you!
October Box Very Nice !!!
by JenniferLey written last month
I got the moon box without the gem ... absolutely lovely items and well presented. I felt calmer just reading about how to best work with the Hunters Moon. There's a lot I need to let go off and easy negativity is one of those. This should be 4 1/2 stars ... and only not 5 because of a few typos and a longish wait for my first box. If you're deciding based on current reviews ... do check this out. I think you'll be pleased.
No Longer Bringing Their A Game
by Caitlin written 2 months ago
I see there are more reviews here already reflecting my disappointment. This was my third subscription and 4th order from them. Agree that it feels like half the stuff was like scooped back out of the packaging before shipped to me. The 10 dollar jewellery is worth 50 cents this month. 3 little 5 cent beads attached to a 1 cent amount of cotton cord. No clasp or anything. And it is a choker so...I actually have to tie and untie it each time. More likely will have to cut it off and just get more cord. Their customer support is difficult. I was probably one of the first to order their new moon box, it was shipped during rather than prior to the new moon and never even reached the usps facility. I have yet to hear back about that refund I was promised. I also had to email three times for them to read my actual words properly. Seriously lacking customer support. I have been seeing an increase in carelessness each month. They almost apologized? to me as an after thought as I began inquiring as to the whereabouts of my order, and still have not resolved the issue. They are pretty good as long as nothing goes wrong but it seems like a lot has been going wrong lately and they don't really do much to solve your problems. You have to be so persistent because they are dealing already withtoo many of the mistakes they are making. I suspect they kust are not set up for the ammount of volume they are putting out each month. It is a shame really because I loved this box. I don't know that I will sign up again though. Wish me luck getting my refund for those never delivered items!
Very Disappointing
by Susan written 2 months ago
I see I am not the only one who has shrinking box. I can understand that one month might be off but this is the third month and sadly I am canceling my subscription.
Beautiful Box Full Of Magick!
by Dezaray written 2 months ago
I absolutely love this box! I have the mini moon box and believe it is very much, worth more than the price! Very educating, insightful, and resonates within my Wild Woman Soul 🖤 I have been promoting your company all over my business page and private Wild Woman group. My Sisters are going to LOVE this full moon box! All blessings to you!