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3.8 of 5 stars
Awesome box
by Tiffany written May 28, 2018
Awesome box. I loved all of my items but my crystals arrived broken. :( so that was disappointing but other then that it was wonderful.
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by Jamie written Apr 04, 2018
Excited to use it on the new moon. But I thought I got a piece of jewelry with it.
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Love my box BUT
by Carole written Mar 28, 2018
I adore the box and such but I feel terrible not being able to reuse the cute box is there anyway I can send them back for you guys to reuse or should I just keep recycling. Thank you! Love all of the sweet words and treasures.
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I'm obsessed...
by Alannah written Mar 03, 2018
This was my first subscription box I have ever bought, and I'm just in love with it. I had been eyeing it off for a month before I took the plunge, and I'm happy I did. However, my first box was late and didn't have the pillow spray (which we were told about in advance), I got an extra crystal and a candle that I'm obsessed with. Opening my first box, I could clearly see how much thought they put into their boxes. I love reading all the card with all the details of each product. However, the jewelry I've got from the last two boxes just wasn't for me. I'm more of a ring and necklace kind of girl, and I got earrings. There were also no details on what crystals/materials they were made from which was a little bit of the put off for me. The teas and oil blends in both boxes were a huge hit, and the pillow spray is my favorite thing I've received so far.
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Great mini!
by Paige written Feb 05, 2018
The mini box is such a great purchase. The items were better than expected for a small box, but loved it!
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So Happy
by Victoria written Jan 26, 2018
I purchased the mini moonbox with a wearable gem. I absolutely loved everything, except my diffuser bracelet broke almost immediately. (Inly reason it's not 5 stars!) It was a lovely piece and I plan on reusing the gem and diffuser. I received 2 crystals, a tea blend in a wonderful tin, a gorgeously packaged essential oil and I was thrilled it came with a little card on how to use. I'm new to the crystal world and this was the perfect box. I'm a sucker for packaging too anf it was definitely packed with care. Thank you!
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Mini Moonbox
by Jennifer written Jan 02, 2018
I love receiving my monthly box! It's awesome! The only thing not so great is every once in awhile something is off. Perfume oil leaked once, damage to stones once or twice but nothing too terrible. Otherwise it would have gotten 5 stars. But I do love it and that out weighs the little things that might not be perfect.
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In Love!
by Crystal written Dec 05, 2017
I love the moon box each month. It helps me set time aside to relax and meditate. I really enjoy getting new crystals and essential oil perfumes. My only complaint is that the oils have no name. I have no idea which one is which. Could you add the name of the moon or have the ingredients on the oils label? I would love to know which ones are my favorite so I could order more of that scent.
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Met Expectations
by Shannon written Nov 29, 2017
I received the mini moonbox a few days ago. I liked the packaging and the quality seemed good (from what I can tell) for the price I paid. I was told the type and amount of each item and received exactly. However, whether it is because the box simply didn't click with me or some other reason, I wasn't 100% impressed. I might order a one-off every now and then but probably will not actually subscribe.
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October Box Very Nice !!!
by JenniferLey written Oct 01, 2017
I got the moon box without the gem ... absolutely lovely items and well presented. I felt calmer just reading about how to best work with the Hunters Moon. There's a lot I need to let go off and easy negativity is one of those. This should be 4 1/2 stars ... and only not 5 because of a few typos and a longish wait for my first box. If you're deciding based on current reviews ... do check this out. I think you'll be pleased.
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