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Compass Club for Weight Loss

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Compass Club for Weight Loss

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Master - and Enjoy! - Your Weight Loss Journey

Your monthly membership comes with: - A beautiful monthly Weight Loss Planner: Mailed straight to your door! - The 30 Day Weight Loss Jumpstart Course - The 7 Reasons the Scale Isn't Moving (and What to Do About It!) Course - New monthly printables, fun activities, resources - Fun daily chats in the Facebook Group - Weekly Group Coaching Calls

  • A new monthly weight-loss topic is explored each month with a gorgeous new travel theme! The course dives deep into this topic and includes printables, resources, recipes, trackers, and so much more to keep you speeding toward your weight loss goals!
  • Every 30 days a beautiful new Weight Loss Compass Planner is sent straight to your door! Each planner is 6"x 9" (fits in your bag!) and includes a coil-bound binding to lay flat for ease of use. Your planner is printed on high-quality 60 lb. paper, and includes a soft matte (pettable!) cover.
  • Enjoy exclusive member specials every month on water bottles, t-shirts, totes and more - all designed to match the monthly travel theme. DEEP discounts on these products are are offered to MEMBERS ONLY so it's easy to reward yourself for your weight loss progress!
  • Each new monthy course is packed full of fun stuff to keep your mind and hands busy (and not snacking on the wrong things!) Try your hand at the monthly crossword puzzle, word search or print and color the gorgeous monthly coloring pages. Each month includes healthy and delicious recipes, and so much more!
  • Chat with us and all of the other amazing members daily in our Private Weight Loss Motivation Facebook Group - AND - Join us for the Weekly Group Coaching Phonecalls to discuss putting it all into practice in your own life!

Customer Questions (3)


Q: Is there absolutely no shipping outside of the US?Asked by Lína O., September 2020

Compass Club for Weight Loss answered...September 2020

We're sorry, but no, at this time we do not have the ability to ship outside the U.S.


Q: Is there a picture/ link to whats in this months box?Asked by Darcy J., June 2020

Hi Darcy,
The box comes with a Compass Book. Inside the book you'll find a word search, crossword puzzle, recipes and coloring pages for relaxation and unwinding. There are also articles all around the topic of the month, can-do-attitude and workbook pages to help you identify and work through your goals. Finally, you'll utilize our goal-getting system to plan out your goals on the daily planner pages and review them on the weekly review pages. We look forward to hearing how...

by Compass C., June 2020


Q: Does this box ship every 30 days after you receive one? Or do they ship On a regular date to ensure you have it before the previous one runs out? Asked by Cary H., May 2020

Compass Club for Weight Loss answered...May 2020

Hi Cary!
We ship every 30 days after you first receive one. We designed the planner
portion so that no matter when you receive it, you can use it right away,
with full dated months, and 5 full weeks of undated daily pages. :)
Hope this helps,

Reviews (7)

You will LOVE THIS!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

May 22, 2020
Verified Purchase
Cary H.
1 Review
1 Picture
2 Helpful
Subscribed for 10 months

OMG!!! I LOVE this book. It has EVERYTHING in it. There are articles on wellness, word finds, adult coloring pages, a space for a vision board, goal planning worksheets, and undated daily planner pages with a weekly review at the end of each week.
What I REALLY loved about this, aside from the planner being WAY cooler than I ever actually thought it would be, is that they packed it with a handwritten note on a vintage postcard and then hand wrote a welcome tag attached to a little compass 🧭 I felt so special just opening the first package before I ever even got into the actual book!
I found this subscription just searching randomly through crate joy bc I’ve been quarantined like everyone else and just I was trying a bunch of different things to see what I like and what I don’t. I am a planner fiend so I thought I would order it. I don’t regret it AT ALL and this is one (of the 8,000 subscriptions I decided to try lol) that I will 100% be keeping!!!
Great job guys. I wish more people knew about this bc it’s an absolutely amazing product!

Compass Club for Weight Loss said...Jul 17, 2020

Hi Cary! Thank you SO much for the amazing review! We work so hard, and it's completely worth it knowing someone enjoys it so much and finds it valuable. We're so happy to have you as a subscriber, thank you again! We can't wait to keep sending you new Compass Books. ☺️ - Kerri + Heather at Happy in Bold


Apr 06, 2020
Verified Purchase
Blanca C.
5 Reviews
3 Helpful
Subscribed for 2 months

I have been using my planner every day!!! It has a lot of useful information. I did end up having to pay for shipping since not enough postage was added to the package. There are some minor errors, but I think it will get better. If I was going places, I would definitely be carrying this planner around with me. I can't wait to try the recipes.

Compass Club for Weight Loss said...Apr 09, 2020

Hello Blanco!
Thank you so much for your kind review! We are so happy you're enjoying your Planbook. We deeply apologize for the postage error and will be refunding your order. Rest assured this won't ever happen again! In this particular case we sent you one from our personal inventory to make sure it got to you in time and misjudged the postage amount. All future Planbooks come straight from our printers in a secure, fully paid, tidy cardboard casing!
We are going to be constantly improving Planbook, and as you'll see in future copies, they'll have more dated month spreads + an additional undated week to make sure everyone can get the best use of it no matter when during the month they order. :)
Thanks again!...


Jun 30, 2020
Verified Purchase
Katriana B.
4 Reviews
1 Helpful
Subscribed for 6 months

I just love this journal. It's a great way to set and meet goals and keep track of how you are doing. There was also nice looking recipes, coloring pages and various puzzles. Very pleased and I will be a long time subscriber for sure.

Compass Club for Weight Loss said...Jul 01, 2020

Hi Katriana! We're so happy to hear that you're loving it, thank you for letting us know! We work hard to curate and design each issue and its very rewarding to know it's appreciated and enjoyed. We're excited to keep sending them your way!

I have found what I was looking for!

Jul 22, 2020
Verified Purchase
Odette C.
2 Reviews
1 Helpful
Subscribed for 2 months

I LOVE THIS!! This is something that I have been trying to formulate for years with odd pieces of paper, a printed out calendar, quotes written out here and there. YOU HAVE MADE MY DAY creating this!! It is big enough I can slip my own folded pieces of paper with my various ideas, notes and to do lists. The ringed book is sturdier than a normal 100 page subject notebook (which I was using). I can't wait to see what the future monthly compass books await. THANK YOU!

Compass Club for Weight Loss said...Jul 22, 2020

Oh wow, you have us glowing with pride, thank you for sharing!! We're so excited that Compass Book has replaced your notebook, yay! Thank you so much for sharing with us, we'll have you in mind as we get each new topic and theme together to send you! Thank YOU! :)

Better than expected!

Aug 31, 2020
Verified Purchase
Caryn T.
9 Reviews
6 Helpful
Subscribed for 29 days

Great planner! Love all the extras included.

Compass Club for Weight Loss said...Sep 08, 2020

Thanks so much Caryn! We're so happy you love it!

My first box

Aug 22, 2020
Verified Purchase
Francine B.
6 Reviews
2 Helpful
Subscribed for 30 days

I’m still on the fence about this box so I will continue getting it for now and see where it goes.

Compass Club for Weight Loss said...Sep 08, 2020

Thanks Francine! We hope you love it! :)

Love, love, love!!

Apr 03, 2020
Compass C.
1 Review
1 Helpful

I am a serial planner-buyer and this is finally the solution! Each month I get a fresh new one that allows me to have that 'fresh' planner feeling, but without having to re-figure out where I'm going to write everything. I love having a bit of consistency with a bit of surprise month over month. Thank you for keeping me inspired and motivated!

Compass Club for Weight Loss said...Sep 08, 2020

Thanks so much! We're so happy you love it!

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Compass Book • Growth

Compass Book • Growth

The theme of this Compass Book + Mini-Course focuses on GROWTH, and growing through what you go through, with the luscious visual theme of the vibrant Rainforest.

Compass Book • Determination

Compass Book • Determination

The theme of this Compass Book + Mini-Course focuses on DETERMINATION, and cultivating a "Can Do Attitude", with the vibrant visuals of a tour through India.

Compass Book • Victorious

Compass Book • Victorious

The theme of this Compass Book + Mini-Course focuses on Celebrating your Victories, Triumphs, and WINS in life with an inspiring visual theme of the sparkling Caribbean.

Compass Book • Confidence

Compass Book • Confidence

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Compass Book • Prepared

Compass Book • Prepared

The theme of this Compass Book + Mini-Course focuses on being organized and prepared while we tour beautiful and zen-inspiring Japan.

Compass Book • Courage

Compass Book • Courage

The theme of this Compass Book + Mini-Course focuses on being courageous while we touring spooky and beautiful London, England.

Compass Book • Gratitude

Compass Book • Gratitude

The theme of this Compass Book + Mini-Course focuses on cultivating gratitude while we tour the gorgeous Canadian countryside.

Compass Club • July

Compass Club • July

THEME: CELEBRATION! In this month's planner + course we help you see and recognize... that even if the scale hasn't moved quickly - you still have plenty of wins, large and small, to celebrate. Also, it is in celebrating these wins that you can speed your progress on the scale! 

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