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Jul 21, 2020
Jessica B.
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Prepaid for a year. July is my third month. Still haven't received it, which would be perfectly fine, but I can not find a way ro contact Murphy's Books and they haven't reached out to let me know that the box is late or when to expect it. Also, my last box had an asian book with inaccurate translations and was a story of a "fat girl" that I won't read to my 3 daughters. Worse still, the other book was so badly damaged that the spine is detached. It's missing pages, and the pages that sutvived the devastation are ripped in half, making it unreadable. When you pay a large amount of money for a monthly book box, you expect books, and you don't want to hold your breath every month wondering if your purchase will even arrive. No tracking number, no phone number to call, no reassurance that you haven't wasted your money, and books that are beyond salvageable. This is my first review of any product in 33 years of purchases.

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