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Muse Monthly
A subscription box for lovers of books and tea.

$29.50+ / month

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4.0 of 5 stars
by Skyler written 4 months ago
Bought. Never showed. Logged back in and now it’s not even listed under my subscriptions... I was charged. Where is my subscription? And now it says they’re sold out. Cool. I want my money back.
Muse Monthly said...
4 months ago
Ms Irons - We'd be more than happy to take a look into this for you! Please email us at Thanks!
Not customized
by Myda written 5 months ago
I contacted them about the description mentioning customization and was told they do not customize so they just send whatever book they want, not the genre you select. The info here is incorrect and false advertising.
Nice concept but not reliable
by Rachel written 9 months ago
I got a 3-month subscription for my mom as a birthday present and two of the three boxes arrived significantly late. There seem to be some execution issues with this subscription, although I love the concept.
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by Shauna written 10 months ago
This subscription box is a staple, and what led me to CrateJoy. I have enjoyed the opportunity to be exposed to varied literature about which I otherwise would not have known. However, after the price increased, I have not seen a great value increase in the boxes (except, of course, for the author boxes. I understand that the monthly increase may go towards the overall cost of those ones). I have loved the opportunity to try things I never would have before. But, as with many subscriptions, I am not finding that the majority of what is sent aligns with my personal tastes. Still, this box is a great introduction to monthly reading subscriptions as well as gourmet teas.
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Feather in my pink Tea
by Rana written 10 months ago
Ok loved the idea of try his subscription. I opened the teas and found a bird feather in the pink tea. I canceled my subscription sadly. I do not want to risk my Heath.
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by Jess written 11 months ago
I've gotten 3 boxes so far and they've all been an absolute delight. The teas and added goodies are a joy. The books are especially wonderful. This box is perfect because it gives me books I may have never given a chance. It has opened my horizons.
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The Perfect Box
by Kelsy written last year
I love this box! Really amazing hard cover book and enough delicous tea to last until I'm done with the book. One thing I like about this box is it's not full of weird unrelated products and cheap samples like so many other boxes. The tea is full sized and high quality. The extra item was a book mark, which is something I need whenever I get a new book because I lose them. The only thing I wish was different is I wish there was a quarterly option. I can't finish a book for fun every month. I plan on just ordering a box every time I finish a book.
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Loved it so much!
by Katrina written 2 years ago I heard Margaret Atwood curated this and I just had to get it! So glad I did!
My monthly box of joy
by Kaitlin written 2 years ago
I have been a subscriber since the company's kickstarter campaign just over a year ago and I have never been disappointed! I often get overwhelmed going into bookstores because I never know what to pick out (too many options!) so having a new read picked out for me is absolutely lovely. I've always enjoyed tea but since joining the MM community, I have been introduced to so many different types and flavors. The moment when I can curl up with my new book and a nice hot cup of the accompanying tea creates this wonderful cocoon of warmth and enjoyment. 10/10 would recommend!
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One of My Favs
by Shauna written 2 years ago
I don't subscribe to many monthly box deliveries, but the one to which I do that is probably most unexpected is Muse Monthly. I chose this box in the hopes that it will help me to read more. So far, I have only received 2 boxes. The books are new releases by lesser-known authors, so they aren't what one would typically pick up. The tea varies each month in flavor, type, and company. I have never been into tea as much as I have been since starting this subscription. In my limited experience, given that the only parameters are: fiction, new, and generally unknown authors, the books can be hit-or-miss for my tastes. But I look forward to the box every month. The price just went up, and shipping is on the higher side for me. We'll see if the "additions" make the $30+shipping price still worth it.
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