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Who wants a shirt with “f@ck” on it?

Sep 09, 2019
Catherine A.
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Subscribed for 2 months

Just opened my box and am disgusted with the shirt. Not everybody thinks it is cute to wear shirts with expletives on it. I was on the fence about this box because it is mostly filled with cheap junk, but this was just beyond what normal people think is acceptable to wear.

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My Athlete Box said...Sep 10, 2019

Hi Catherine,
So sorry about the way you feel on your Core Box. We really didn't mean any offense by this tank and would be happy to exchange it out for a more subtle one for you, if that works. We have never thrown in anything cheap in our boxes, so rest assured you did get higher than junk quality. We do wish you would have reached out sooner on your first two boxes, expressing these thoughts, so that we could have worked with you to ensure you received just what you wanted.
Thanks and we hope to get you taken care of soon! :)


Feb 06, 2020
Jackie J.
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Subscribed for 12 days

I'm writing this review on February 5, 2020, I STILL have not received my first box which was ordered over 2 MONTHS AGO back in December. I ordered this box on December 14, 2019. I'm super disappointed not getting this box because I was really looking forward to this kicking off my 2020 resolution to be more active! I have not gotten any emails or updates from the supplier about late shipments (at this point it's so late I would have at least liked to get a cancelled confirmation). Since it's already February, I'm going to try and get my money back but don't waste yours if you want a quality product in ANY TIMELY manner.

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My Athlete Box said...Feb 06, 2020

Hey Jackie, we are sincerely apologetic about this unfortunate situation. We aren't sure how we missed this and we are going to correct it. We understand that you were waiting for this box and we still want to help you start on your resolution. We would like to send you your original box, plus more as an apology in hopes we can gain your trust back.
Again, we are deeply sorry for this inconvenience.
-MAB Team
**Follow up**
Hey Jackie,
After responding to your message, our MAB team researched to figure out what happened with your subscription. Cratejoy shows that you subscribed on 12/29/19 and then you cancelled your subscription on 1/08/20. Once that happened, it automatically classified you as "non-active" which took you off the...