My Ballet Box

Expertly selected ballet surprises to keep you on your toes!

Plans as low as £30.00 GBP / month
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  • Your box will ship on the 1st of every month. Please order by 15th of the month to get the current box.
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My Ballet Box
The U.K.'s first dance subscription box, packed full of hand picked goodies & surprises to keep you on your toes. You will receive a monthly box along with a premium box every 3 months which includes a leotard.
  • Expertly selected!
  • Free dance bag with your first box!
  • New leotard every season!
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Q: When is my subscription going to be shipped?Asked by Johnsen E., September 2020


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Nice items and theme, not the cheapest

Mar 07, 2019
Jennifer D.
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Subscribed for 20 days

I thought I'd give this a try. Bear in mind they take payment on the 7th of the month and the box isn't posted until the 1st of the following month, so there is a bit of a delay. Each box has a theme and this month, it is pirouettes. My first box contained a large, Ballet Box branded kit bag, a t-shirt with "will pirouette for pizza" written on it, a little keyring, and the main attraction this month is a turning/pirouette board by Attitude 360, including a little booklet on how to use it, some spotting stickers and a carry case.

The box:
Classy thick cardboard with branding on it (so if buying as a gift the recipient will know what it is pretty quickly). I did find, weirdly, the glue sticking the flap down is very strong and I had to rip the box apart to get in! The items come wrapped in pink tissue paper and a little handwritten postcard, which was a very nice touch.


Turning board: This is nice to me because it's the kind of thing I was wondering about buying, as an adult amateur to practise at home with, but hadn't made the plunge on yet. It's very cute and girly with pink colouring and a pink bag. The spotting stickers are a highlight (most people will want to just blutak them up rather than stick, so you can move them around) and a great idea.

Kit bag: Very large, deep raspberry...

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