Charm With Me Club
Fandom inspired (Pandora style) charms delivered monthly!

$19.99+ / month

Subscriber Reviews

5.0 of 5 stars
by Yvonne written Jul 06, 2016
I've always been on the hunt for unique charms to display on my bracelets. Charm With Me Club has got it covered!! It's very reasonably priced AND you get unique charms!! LOVE!
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by Brooke written Jul 06, 2016
Love the themes so far and the extra charms we get sometimes
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Best subscription box for jewelry!
by Dannah written Jul 06, 2016
I love getting my shiny silver package each month. I usually don't know what's coming, either, so it a fantastic "me time" surprise!
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Love it!!!
by Josephine written Jul 06, 2016
I just started my subscription, but my first month was awesome. I love the starter bracelet & the Hogwart's house charm is perfect. Can't wait for the next month!!!
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Never disappointed!!
by Jody written Jul 06, 2016
Love this! I have a Pandora bracelet with 11 Pandora charms. I've spent roughly $600 on my bracelet as it stands now. Each charm cost between 50 and 80 and they aren't even charms I'm IN LOVE with. Charm With Me club is giving me the opportunity to fill up my bracelet with quality charms that I will actually love! There will be a story behind each one and I get to indulge in my needy, geeky side in a beautifully fashionable way. I'm so sad I missed the Harry Potter month (they would have gone perfect with my wand necklace!) But I have the ability to shop in the store and purchase past charms! Im apart of 3 different monthly boxes and honestly I'm most excited about this one each month! Keep up the great work and thank you for creating a monthly subscription box worth paying for!!!
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love this box
by kelsey written Jul 06, 2016
I love this box. The perfect way to show my geeky side in a subtle way
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I am not that much into charm bracelets
by Michele written Jul 06, 2016
BUT THIS IS FANTASTIC! The themes are lovely geeky ones - from Game of Thrones to Harry Potter. I am can't wait to see what else Charm With Me Club will come up with. So excited for August's charms as it is LotR theme!!
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Awesome Fandom Charms
by Katrina written Jul 06, 2016
I was really happy to have found this subscription. The quality is great and I have loved every theme so far. There are so many fandoms that I love and it is great that I can now show off my love for each with a fantastic charm. I can’t wait to see what comes next!
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So excited
by Meaghan written Jul 06, 2016
Im getting my first Charm box soon and im super excited! A friend has a subscription and her chames are always the coolest!
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Great box for charms lover
by Melanie written Jul 06, 2016
I have known this box for 3 months and I loved it. The charms are gorgeous. It is a great deal when you know the price of one charm. Here for $20 you have two charms of great quality (sometimes 3 charms!). And let's not forget you have a bracelet for your charms in your first book! This os a really great deal and great box!
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