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Geek inspired pandora charms delivered monthly!

$19.99+ / month

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5.0 of 5 stars
So cool these are nice pretty bracelet
by Griselda written 2 years ago
i love them so much they are pretty and i get a lot of complements on them. And i get excited when its a new month because i know i will get new charms.
by Ashlee written 2 years ago
I've been getting this box since the Feb which was the second box and I have not been disappointed yet. There have been themes that weren't my top fandoms but I have still loved the charms that go with them!
Geekiness at it's Best
by Lois written 2 years ago
I love this Subscription so much. It's Affordable and I love that i can interchange my charms depending on my mood.
Great Subscription!
by Evie written 2 years ago
I loved the Harry Potter May charms. The Sorting Hat is simply lovely and I'm so glad I got to pick my own house for the House Crest charm. Cannot wait to see what the next month brings!
by Sarah written 2 years ago
I love this box! It was my first ever subscription box and the starter bracelet is a full bracelet so you don't have to wait to fill up a bracelet with charms until you can enjoy the monthly charms! Add a little fandom to your daily life with these gorgeous charms!!! ❤️
by Brandy written 2 years ago
Love this box! They always have really fun themes!
Love it!
by Pamela written 2 years ago
I typically don't wear bracelets, but I hardly ever take this one off! The quality of the charms is great, and you can't beat the price.
Great sub
by ASPEN written 2 years ago
HP House box was the first one I got. It was amazing and I couldn't have asked for a better quality product. The charms were amazing and I loved the options to do the traditional pandora style bracelet or the leather wrap one!
by Sarah written 2 years ago
This is the only monthly subscription box worth having! The charms are beautiful and work well as gifts, too! I love charm bracelets and am super excited that I don't have to look very hard to didn charms worth buying.
by Jennifer written 2 years ago
I love the charms that I got when I first started this subscription! I love the sorting hat! I can't wait to get more!
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