Charm With Me Club

Geek inspired pandora charms delivered monthly!

$19.99+ $18.50+ / month

Subscriber Reviews

5.0 of 5 stars
Love it!
by Kelly written last year
I love the variety of charms that are sent. They really add personality to my bracelet!
STILL Loving Charm with Me!
by Candice written last year
I have been a Charm With Me Club subscriber since month two (I just missed month one selling out by a few hours!!), and I STILL love it. Getting the charms in the mail is fun, and I love to mix and match the fandoms on my bracelet. If you haven't subscribed yet, you are missing out!
by Nicole written last year
I love Charm With Me Club! It is so fun to get geeky fandom charms in the mail every month!
by Hanneke written last year
The charms you get are of high quality, absolutely gorgeous and véry sturdy (so far my 3 month old pup has tried to chew them to pieces but has failed). And if you don't like the fandom, you can get a set of random charms instead! Very awesome, recommendation to anyone looking for unique fandom jewellery.
Superb subscription idea ever.
by Arleen written last year
Wish i found out about this subscription to get the early crates. Love the idea of taking something girly and giving it that fandom twist to it. Recieved my first crate of march and love how well made they are including the design of them, these will be for my cousin who loves the march theme. Cant wait for future charms. Keep up the great work.
I love them!!
by Claudia written last year
This is my 1st time ordering and im so happy!! These are beautiful pieces well detailed!! :)
About Time
by Kate written last year
its about time people cater to the "nerdy" part of society! i LOVE the fact that i can still be super girls but SUPER nerdy at the same time!
by Kara-Jayne written last year
Can't wait to get my first box in March :D such a clever idea.
Coolest idea ever!
by Shari written last year
This is such a wonderful idea. I already love my charm bracelet but to have one with all my favorite Fandoms will be amazing!
by Liza-marie written last year
Can't wait to have my first box!