Charm With Me Club
Geek inspired pandora charms delivered monthly!

$19.99+ / month

Subscriber Reviews

5.0 of 5 stars
by Mary written 2 years ago
This box is perfect for geeks with pandora style bracelets. I love my charms.
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by Abigail written 2 years ago
I love charm with me. I look forward to getting my new charms every month!!
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Love it!!!
by Victoria written 2 years ago
I am loving the charm with me club subscription... Every month it's a different fandom and I like be that it's just a little way to show your love of the fandoms when you can't go all out and show it... I wear mine all the time except work since we are not allowed to wear jewelry.
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by Gina written 2 years ago
I'm on my second month, and I simply love it! I really enjoy getting that silver package in the mail every month!
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Best out there
by Kristin written 2 years ago
if you're like me and love charms this box it perfect for you. At such a low price they're practically giving these high quality charms away!
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by Mariah written 2 years ago
I have only gotten one months worth of charms but i love them so much. I get compliments from people all the time
Love it!
by Kelly written 2 years ago
I love the variety of charms that are sent. They really add personality to my bracelet!
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STILL Loving Charm with Me!
by Candice written 2 years ago
I have been a Charm With Me Club subscriber since month two (I just missed month one selling out by a few hours!!), and I STILL love it. Getting the charms in the mail is fun, and I love to mix and match the fandoms on my bracelet. If you haven't subscribed yet, you are missing out!
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by Nicole written 2 years ago
I love Charm With Me Club! It is so fun to get geeky fandom charms in the mail every month!
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by Hanneke written 2 years ago
The charms you get are of high quality, absolutely gorgeous and véry sturdy (so far my 3 month old pup has tried to chew them to pieces but has failed). And if you don't like the fandom, you can get a set of random charms instead! Very awesome, recommendation to anyone looking for unique fandom jewellery.
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