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A lot of fun and a great value
by Michelle written last year
I received my second box today and I'm very happy with this subscription so far. I have both a Pandora and a Trollbeads bracelet and I like to swap out charms to match my outfit or mood -- but buying the authentic charms would put me in the poor house. I'd taken to buying single charms from Etsy or Amazon to build up my stock, then figured I might as well give this subscription a try. I considered the geeky theme to be a plus. I was pleasantly surprised when my first box was the one-year anniversary package containing 10 charms. I expected subsequent boxes to contain two charms, maybe three at the most. My second box, the "Beauty and the Beast" theme, arrived today with four charms, a spacer and a necklace! I love them all. One of the charms is a replica of an authentic Disney Pandora charm featuring Belle's dress and the spacer is a replica of an authentic "rose" Disney Pandora charm. I had both those items on my Pandora wishlist, so I'm pretty happy to receive these. I also received two yellow-gold Murano-type charms in Belle's signature color and a crown "dangle" charm. The necklace is a silhouette of Belle and Beast dancing. It's a costume piece but my 7-year-old niece will love it. I'm not an expert on jewelry so I can't speak with any authority about the quality, but I find these charms to be well-made, with heft and nice details. They are similar to other one-off charms I purchased on Etsy and Amazon. I wear them alongside authentic Pandora and Trollbeads charms and they look great. Yes, if you closely compare these to the authentic charms you can see a difference in craftsmanship and materials. But I still think these are very well-made charms for the price and I'm happy to string them on my bracelets. If you're looking for reasonably priced charms to add to your bracelet, especially if you like geeky themes, I think you'll enjoy this box. I'm looking forward to future months.
So Happy!
by Jessica written last year
I was sceptical when i first got this box as i thought it would be low quality and not overly worth it but boy was i wrong! The charms are a fairly good quality and the charms are adorable, even the ones that aren't set to a fandom and if you don't like a theme each month you can ask for the Suprise Me! option which I have used!!
First Shipment Disappointment
by Lavinia written last year
First shipment came. It wasn't a surprise. Items were cheap stuff & kiddish stuff. Could have gotten it cheaper at Macy's. Will proceed To cancel subsequent orders!
Love it!
by HAILEY written 2 years ago
Love everything about this box. Good quality arrives on time every month!
For nerdy chicks like me!
by Gladys written 2 years ago
Perfect gift for nerdy girls. Charms are all beautiful. Worth every cent!
by Amanda written 2 years ago
I absolutely love my charms! They are all stunning, and high quality. <3
Really great and creative
by Nadia written 2 years ago
Charm with me club is a great way to be 'nerd chic'.
Get Christmas once a month
by Megan written 2 years ago
Once a month a silver shiny package arrives in the mail. We rush to the mailbox and spend the next few hours mixing and matching our charmes.
A new addiction
by Laura written 2 years ago
I love Charmwithmeclub. I found them on Instagram when I was searching for Harry Potter jewelery. I decided to sign up for 3 months to save a little cash and I'm so happy I did. So far all the themes for the 3 months are all my most favorite fandoms. I have one more month to receive. I am definitely going to resubcribe in the future!
Geek charms
by Arleen written 2 years ago
Been loving the charms subscription. Anyone who loves charm bracelets must have these. Received a few and must say civil war dual design was awesome, also harry potter sorting hat was adorable. This a must have subscription.
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