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Fandom inspired (Pandora style) charms delivered monthly!

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Cool, but worth the cost?
by Chelsea written Jun 07, 2018
I only paid for the first month. The first package came with my bracelet and two charms. I wonder if the packages that follow the first have more than two charms. I don’t know much about jewelry, but I question the cost for the quantity. The themes for this month weren’t the themes I would usually go for, but they appear well made and vibrant in color— if I were in their fandom I believe I would be happy with how they turned out. That said, I found out they sell their charms from past months on their website. This is a better option for me, and I how I will choose to buy my charms from here out, most likely.
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Absolutely Love It!!
by Morgann written Jun 06, 2018
I have been extremely happy with my charms and it is always such a fun surprise in the mail and know that it will make me smile. Keep up the great work!
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Choice is Great
by Elizabeth written May 25, 2018
The charms are so cute and it’s really really great that you get a choice every month. Super important because while I love most fandoms I don’t love them all.
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High quality products
by Keisha written May 06, 2018
Charm Club is great for starting a charm collection or just adding a few pieces at affordable prices.
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by Chasty written May 05, 2018
Wish i had not waited to join...i love chessie from alice in wonderland. Hopefully they will eventually have another
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Wonderful Service
by Yara written Apr 22, 2018
I have had this subscription for a few months. The charms are unique and detailed. The themes are fun. The customer service is excellent! Responses to emails are usually same day and no more than 24 hours. I had an issue with a theme choice recently and it was quickly resolved. They shipped out a new set of charms quickly and I received them within the week.
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by Jessica written Mar 15, 2018
I am literally obsessed with this box and I can't get enough. The charms are always amazing and the themes are great. Having a choice every month really puts this box over the top in my eyes. Well done and I will continue this subscription for a long time!
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Amazing experience
by Dani written Jan 25, 2018
One of the few subs I've signed up for that did not disappoint. The customer service is amazing, shipping was quicker than I could have ever dreamed, and the quality of the products is amazing. I would definitely recommend this service to as many friends as possible.
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Charm with me club
by Mari written Jan 18, 2018
The charms are lovely and well made. Very happy with this subscription
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Great subscription
by Kimberly written Dec 24, 2017
I like having the option of choosing between two themes. I'm on my third month and so far I haven't seen a theme I wouldn't be interested in.
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