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Geek inspired pandora charms delivered monthly!

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Subscriber Reviews

5.0 of 5 stars
amazing charms!
by Breanna written last year
The charms themselves are gorgeous and very great for their quality. I love every theme and have recommended them to my family. The owner is very nice and great with working with me on my payments because sometimes life happens and she's very understanding :)
My favorite subscription box!
by Ashley written last year
I've only just started with Charm With Me but I'm so satisfied with it. The charms and bracelets are such great quality. I get to support all my fandom in a simple and classy way. I love it!
Amanda Van Vranken
by Amanda written last year
AMAZING fandom charms every month, they get better every month and I love love LOVE them! There are always 2 amazing fandom charms and every month I've had has had extra charms as well, so amazing and very much worth the money, if you love fandom you'll LOVE this box <3
by Samantha written last year
Love this box! These charms are high quality, gorgeous and so personal. I look forward to it every month!
by Katelyn written last year
I love this box. I wasn't so sure about a charm bracelet sub box at first but everything that I've gotten has been amazing. Everyone should be getting this box.
by Tonya written last year
I wanted to start a charm bracelet and I found Charm With Me. I love the geeky charms that I haven't been able to find anywhere else, and I get compliments on my bracelet all the time. The starter bracelet is a great value! Tonya Wilson
Fandom Meets Jewelry
by Sarah written last year
The charms are amazing and I love the themes each month. They are great quality and for a completely reasonable price. I love this box.
Love Love Love!
by SUMMER written last year
I always wear my charm with me bracelet and get the most amazing compliments!
Charmed Fangirl
by Sydney written last year
It is so hard to find Fandom related things, especially charms! Charm with me is fantastic and the charms fit perfectly to the monthly theme! These are a Fangirl's Pandora!!
Fabulous Beyond Belief!!!
by Kaitlyn written last year
Charm with me has done nothing but be impressive and exceptional! I would recommend this box to anyone who loves charm bracelets and anyone in general because it's amazing!