Fandom inspired (Pandora style) charms delivered monthly!

Plans as low as $18.50 / month

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Dec 27, 2018
Jimmy T.
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Clasp took abit if time to get used to. Very useful though! Amazing quality charms and great theme!

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Cute and a great buy

Jun 15, 2018
Elizabeth S.
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This month ( April 2017 ) was my first package and I have to say I'm not too disappointed. I would be willing to opay an extra amount of money to start if we got metal bracelets similar to the real thing. But the charms are adorable, and I like them even though I'm not a huge Pirates of the Caribbean fan I did grow up watching the movies and so I'm happy with this month's theme. I guess it's the nostalgia. Great quality for the price. Here's to hoping next month is even better!

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Cool, but worth the cost?

Jun 15, 2018
Chelsea M.
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I only paid for the first month. The first package came with my bracelet and two charms. I wonder if the packages that follow the first have more than two charms. I don’t know much about jewelry, but I question the cost for the quantity.
The themes for this month weren’t the themes I would usually go for, but they appear well made and vibrant in color— if I were in their fandom I believe I would be happy with how they turned out.
That said, I found out they sell their charms from past months on their website. This is a better option for me, and I how I will choose to buy my charms from here out, most likely.

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