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4.8 of 5 stars
1st & 2nd month
by Nicole written 11 days ago
Loved everything in my first box, the book was an awesome page-turner. It was written for a mature adult (sorry I can't remember the title). Just what I was looking for, the travel mug has been confiscated by my kids who love it for their morning drive to school. My second box again the tea was awesome (my daughter has already gotten into it), and loved the beanie. The book I was disappointed in. It was written for a younger audience. Within the first couple chapters I was done, I really didn't want to read about the sex life of someone in their teens or 20something. I signed up for the adult books.. but I didn't feel this book was geared to adults. Just wondering if something changed. Do I need to sign up for a new genre?
Pretty good
by Jennifer written 14 days ago
I’m on month 2 of this box and I’ve really enjoyed the two books I’ve received so far. Two things that would make it even better. First, I would love the option to see the three books for the next month to see if I want to switch to another genre. Second, I wish the extra goodies were themed to all books or just things everyone could enjoy. So far I’ve received things like beanies and a leaking tumbler themed with quotes from YA series, tea that opened and went everywhere, and the candles that are included in every order. Overall the box isn’t bad but I don’t think I’ll continue subscribing once my 3 month subscription is up.
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by Daniell written 17 days ago
I just received my first box and am instantly in love! Each item made me more excited to see the next. You can tell how much thought and care went into putting this together. So glad I subscribed. Will definitely keep my subscription!
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by Jaiden written last month
I switched to this company because I loved the boxes I was seeing from my friend who purchased this box. My firs box was the January Royal Darkness box and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! I am SO SO happy with the switch. All of the products are high quality and from a bunch of different shops, all who have responded to my unboxing video on Instagram. The book is one I have been wanting and I cannot wait to read it. The author even was kind enough to respond. There wasn't a couple good products and a bunch of filler items, it was all good products and exclusive items. I am in love with this box and I highly recommend it to everyone and anyone. I love that you can choose the genre of book and mix it up every month if you feel like a different genre.
Love it!
by Jennifer written 2 months ago
I absolutely love this book crate! I have been receiving them for about 5 months now and it is something that I always look forward to!
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Loved the Crate!
by Rebecca written 2 months ago
So this last Crate was pretty great! I loved the hand warmers, which were Alice in Wonderland themed, my favorite!! The book wasn’t something that I’d normally read, but it looks promising. The candle was just okay- not bad, but not my favorite. I still really liked everything in this box. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten a bad box. Every crate is packed with care and they truly give you really good quality items.
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Wonderfully Perfect.
by Kayla written 3 months ago
So, I got this box wondering if I'd even like it. I was pleasantly surprised! All the items I got were truly lovely. I'm on my second month now and I can tell you that this box is so worth it! The treats are simple but nice and the other items are almost always different save for the candles, which smell beyond amazing by the way! Two of my favorites are the tote bag that says 'Evil Queens are just princesses that were never rescued' and the Alice in Wonderland arm warmers. Perfect for those chilly late night reading sessions I'm so prone to. I highly suggest this box for anyone that enjoys a good romantic read. The first book was something I usually wouldn't read but found myself unable to put down. Gobbled it up in two days flat! The second one is well on the way to the same fate! I can tell you that this is going to be a long-term subscription of mine already!
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I loved it
by Sarah written 3 months ago
I loved unboxing it and all the creativity that went into it. It's a subscription well worth your time!
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by Jennifer written 3 months ago
I absolutely love my mgp book crates! I look forward to them every month! Fantastic and would highly recommend to anyone who loves to read!
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by Leidys written 3 months ago
I recently received my second box and it has been my favorite by so far. Not only were there fun and cute items, in my favorite color I might add, but the book that was featured was by my favorite author! Definitely looking forward to future boxes.(:
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