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Aug 09, 2018
Sam G.
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Subscribed for 26 days

Packaging is discreet and it's not bad for the low price. I got chocolate that isn't available where I live and I always like trying new snacks, so I look forward to that. I'm not much of a tea drinker but I do deal with a lot of nausea, so the ginger in it might be perfect for that. I love that most (if not all) of the products are fair trade or environmentally friendly and I also just noticed there's an option for natural cotton pads/tampons as well, which is nice. The one thing that confused me a little at first was the birthday card and candles, but when I realized what it was for, I thought it was a very cute idea.

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Got my 1st December box!

Jun 15, 2018
Raifah L.
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Subscribed for 5 months

Arrived in a discreet package with postage stamp. Everything inside was beautiful. I got the cute and elegant Shining Armour Necklace. Love the galaxy chocolates, cadbury hot choco drink powder, the pukka tea, and specially, the lady bug pouch and the greeting card with your name handwritten on it. Makes the receiver feel special.

The only problem i had was the customer service seldom replies and the tracking no. they gave is untrackable. If no one went to our p.o. box to check up on it, no one will know if the package arrived.

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