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Discover + Create + Incorporate All Natural Wellness into your lifestyle

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Product Overview
  • We ship between the 6-8th of every month. If you place an order after the 5th of each month, you will receive your first crate the following month.
  • Ships worldwide from United States
  • Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime
All natural, nontoxic, wellness & beauty delivered
My Lemon Crate delivers the tools to replace at least 4 mainstream products every month with natural alternatives- "There is no greater luxury than finding and using a product that works like magic, is good for you and is gentle on the planet". We create a community of consumers who discover + create + incorporate natural wellness, easily.
  • Essential Oils
  • All natural, non toxic, premium ingredients
  • Reusable containers for Full Size Products
  • Handcrafted & artisanal
  • New Recipes Each Month- Unique Themes for Everyone
Subscriber Reviews
3.5 of 5 stars
Not enough oil
by Laurel written last month
I Love the recipes and premeasured ingredients, except for the oil part. There was so little oil in each of the oil bottles, with convenient droppers, that the dropper couldn't get anywhere near the miniscule amount of oil in the bottles , yet I was expected to measure drops of the miniscule amount of oil into 3 recipes. One bottle had no visible liquid in it. I believe the one drop of oil the recipe called for was spread around the inside of the bottle, rendering it unusable. This issue made it impossible to make any of the 3 recipes correctly, making the value of the box questionable if this is a pattern. That remains to be seen.this was my first box.
Fun and fresh
by Crystal written 3 months ago
This was my very first crate and I loved it. Such a great idea and it shipped pretty fast. I'm a very DIY type of person and had so much fun with this box. The empty spray bottle that came with this month's box broke and was unusable. The spray handle broke off completely but I was still able to use the product as I had an extra empty spray bottle lying around from the dollar store. This month's theme was Home care and it inspired me to clean my whole house. And each product came with cute lamenated recipe cards which I loved. I was kind of impressed that the recipes actually worked very well and smell wonderful. The only real downside was that it's a little expensive for Canadian residents with shipping fee being $25 USD per box and then the total being around $70 CAD for one box after the conversion rates, etc.. I really loved this crate and highly recommend it otherwise.
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