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3.9 of 5 stars
by Dominque written 8 days ago
Just got my first box and its awesome. Its such a great deal. Cant wait to read the books.
I love this box!
by Jaime written 27 days ago
I tested the sci-fi and fantasy boxes and have to say I loved them both! There are so many book subscription boxes to choose from, but the boxes from this subscription company have the best value hands down! You really can't ask for more than 3 books/movies for the price. There are many genres to choose from, so I'm indecisive trying to pick which ones to get. I want them all every month!!
LOVE my 1st box
by Sarah written last month
I chose the surprise me box with 2 books and one movie and both books are very much so for Adults. I don't know why the other girl was complaining because I bet she didn't even give the books a chance and just wanted to complain. This is a great box, can't complain for the price either. I love getting lost in a new story, one of my books is even a hardcover by Elizabeth Blackwell. I'm super excited to read these books before I get my next box. I would put up a photo but it wouldn't let me sadly lol
slow shipping and not geared for adults
by Jeffery written 2 months ago
Shipping is HORRIBLE. I got an email with a tracking number that did not work. I attempted to use the tracking number for several day and tried to contact them about it and they never responded. Finally I tried and it worked but showed it was the pretracking info and the box hadnt even shipped yet. When I finally did get the box I was very excited until I got it open and looked at what I got. The two books where not geared to adults but to young adults (Teens). The pictures show book by authors like Jim Butcher so I was expecting adult reading material. The movies I got where ok, neither where bluray but no biggie. If you are an adult wanting to get this is I would pass, if its for teens then go for it. I have canceled my subscription but after I was already charged for it so I am waiting to see if I get a refund or the box for September. I will let you know.
by tammie written 4 months ago
the book and movie that came with my 1st box was amazing thank you for sending it my way
Very Slow Shipping
by Tonya written 5 months ago
First, I ordered this box in April and states it ships the first week of the month but after it went into the second week and still no tracking information, I contacted them twice from this webpage and no response. I finally replied to an email I received for the MY THRILL BOX and ask them if they were the same owner and he said yes and told me my box would ship out that day or next day. After another week still no tracking information so I emailed again and he stated that item had been shipped. It finally showed up today. I am glad it showed up and I love the 2 books that were shipped and the DVD "Snow White" a version I had never heard of before, came in Blu-ray which was great, but I just wish when item are not shipped when supposed to be, an email would be sent saying there is a delay instead of just not responding. That was my only complaint that the shipping took so long.
Not Worth It
by Jamie written 6 months ago
The month I bought had two books and a movie, which is typical for each month. They don't go by themes, but rather send out random books. The problem? Because they send random books (that clearly were from a discount place) it doesn't mean you will get the first in a series. I actually received the third in a trilogy and the tenth in a series so it wasn't really helpful for me. Sure, I only had to pay like $30CAD and got a lot of stuff, but now I have to go out and find the other books in the series to be able to read it! That's not a bargain for your buck.
They have great customer service, but..
by Brandi written 7 months ago
I was contacted after cancelling my subscription due to the review I left previously regarding the contents of the box. They offered to make it right, and I said sure. They sent me a second box, at their own expense, which was nice, and included a handwritten note. But... the books included were book 40 in the discworld series, book 2 in another series, and the movie was number 3 in a series. I'm not going to buy 42 items just to get use out of these three. So - if you're one of those people who doesn't mind reading things out of order in a series, or watching movies out of order in a series, go for it.
Good value
by Michele written 7 months ago
2 hardcover books and a movie. Never heard of any of them, or even the authors or actors. Don't know yet if I'll enjoy them, but at first glance it seems to be a good value for$15 shipped.
Not a bad deal
by Brian written 7 months ago
Definitely good for the price, two hardback books and a DVD. Probably better for people who are starting a new collection. Still, I paid more for dinner last night than this box cost me and the contents were good quality items.