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never got box, impossible to contact
by Tara written Jun 25, 2018
I purchased a 3 month gift subscription for my husband and only received 2 of the boxes. I reached out to the company when it had been over a month and never heard about my first box - never got a response. finally the first box came, and then the second - both of which were great - but that was it and it says my subscription has been completed. i once again reached out to the company with no response. Cratejoy was amazing and helpful and ended up refunding me because the company never got back to them either LOL. terrible! spend your money elsewhere!
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Don't subscribe
by Marisa written May 07, 2018
All right, I'm cancelling. This is silly. Neither of the books were correct this time. I think they just throw whatever they can find into a box. Also, I've noticed the price has been raised without my notification. No thank you.
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Not what I expected
by Ari written May 02, 2018
Their customer service is hard to get ahold of, they seem to respond to Facebook messanger the best. I also got the Frankenstein short story book and a book that wasn't Celtic fairy tales. I was looking forward to a dvd, not an ebook. I wouldn't sign up for a bookclub if I wanted ebooks. I will see what I receive next to determine if I will stay.
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Wrong book came and of the 2 i liked 1
by Bre written Apr 10, 2018
I recieved my 1st box. I picked the fantasy option. It came with a paper saying the books were frankenstein & celtic fairy tales. The celtic fairy tales i was super excited for. I am not normally a fan of short stories but i love fairy tales!! However once opened i did get the frankenstein book which is a bunch of short stories but the fairy tale one wasnt there. it was a different book but it looks interesting. Maybe i can regift the Frankenstein one?
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Wrong But Good?
by Emily written Apr 07, 2018
I received two books, both hardcover, interesting, and in extremely good condition. However the pamphlet inside the box said I was getting a book on Celtic fairy tales and I got another fantasy book instead. Not exactly complaining since the book was still good, but just odd I got a different book. Again, still amazing quality books and definitely worth subscribing! :)
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Wrong book
by Marisa written Apr 06, 2018
In the package my memo sheet says I'll be receiving two books, one of which was Celtic fairy tales. I opened the box and found a completely different book instead. Also, I subscribed to this box because it was advertised that you also receive a movie with two books... You don't receive the movie anymore, evidently. I will stay subscribed for one more month to see if receiving a different book is a regular thing. The books are in very good condition, though, and do seem like fine reads. I just feel like they didn't have more copies of the book on the memo so just threw an extra copy of whatever they had lying around in my box.
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by tammie written Apr 04, 2018
i am always happy with this box but not now i never got my dvd with the books
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I used to be a happy subscriber
by Joanna written Mar 31, 2018
I’ve been subscribing for over a year, waited through a year of bad movies and so-so books for something great. I didn’t receive my March 2018 box and all of my emails have gone ignored. I’m canceling because of this.
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Book club
by Jennifer written Mar 21, 2018
The two books I've seen in stores but I have not read them yet. I don't normally read books that has to do with space but I will try them out. The DVD was an old movie mars needs mom which I already have but I understand why that movie with the two books I got.
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Great Value
by Judith written Feb 21, 2018
Great subscription! I got two quality books. One I am super excited to read. The movie seems interesting too. I really couldn’t expect more for the money.
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