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The Best in Horror, Crime and Mystery! Each box contains 2 great books and a DVD from your genre.

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4.7 of 5 stars
by Alexzandria written today
I will agree that this box is top quality and the products you receive are worth at least 3 times what you pay for the subscription. I really just wanted to see what I'd get and was so impressed I renewed for another box. I am also a fan of the classic horror movies and hope they will send those. The only issue I have with this is that I can't have multiple themes unless I want it to be random. Also, I did not receive a personalized note like others. It just seemed as if they threw mine in the box with ripped up paper. However, you cannot beat the price for the quality and I guess I can always get a double subscription.
by Michele written 14 days ago
Love love love!!!
Love this box
by Rachel written 17 days ago
I haven been receiving this subscription box for 4 months now, I'm waiting on my 5th one at the moment. This is by far my FAVORITE crate out of the 3 I recieve. It's only 14.99 a month and it is more than worth it. I am signed up for the "horror" theme and the books I recieve are brand new and one book alone is usually 2x the value of the cost. All the books I have received have been top rated and fit the category perfectly. I have had 1 issue with shipping and it was not even the sellers fault, the issue was with fed ex, and I contacted them via email and received a response almost immediately telling me they would send out a new box in the morning. I will be a lifetime member for sure. If your looking for a good horror book box, this is the one for you!
by Scott written 20 days ago
I just got my FIRST box from Thrill Club and it was impressive in so many ways! You get a synopsis of the 2 book selections from all three genres (mine being Horror) and a little note with the name of the person who packed the box signed by hand. The person who packed my box was Slash. Thanks Slash! Nice touch! I may or may not watch the DVD but I am DEFINITELY going to be reading the 2 Ghost Stories during this Season of Samhain! Looking forward to next months box already!
I absolutely love this box!
by Jaime written 25 days ago
The boxes from this subscription company are the best I've ever received, hands down! You choose the genre and which combination of books and movies you'll receive. The book/movie choices are amazing and you really can't ask for more for the price. The value is there with this subscription. My only problem is deciding whether I can get all the genres each month, or whether I'll be forced to choose.
My Thrill Club
by sandra written 27 days ago
Received my first box yesterday...Loved it
Great Box
by Kacee written last month
For some reason I thought the books were going to be used and everyone would get different ones, but nope, they're brand new and it looks like everyone who selects the same genre gets the same book(s) and movie(s) each month. In September's horror box I got a 2013 Stephen King book I hadn't heard of before that retails for $30 and a book that looks be about a haunted house that retails for $18. The movie is an Emily Blunt film I hadn't heard of before. It says it's used, but looks to be in great condition and is shrink-wrapped with a $3.99 tag on it. They only send out DVDs now (no BluRays) if anyone was wondering about that, as told to me by customer service...which is great, since I don't have a BluRay player. I chose to get 2 books, 1 movie as I feel it's a better value, but you can also choose to get 1 book, 2 movies if you prefer. I do kind of wish you could choose a different genre for each medium, because for films I prefer thrillers to horror, but there is the "surprise me" option that gives you a random genre. I plan to keep subscribing once my inital 3 months is up if the quality stays like this, but I do hope there are no further repeats (another reviewer mentioned they had already been sent the Stephen King novel in a previous box so now have 2). Or if they plan to do this again maybe there would be a way to say it had been sent out previously and mention which month so those who had gotten that box could opt out the second time around or maybe get an alternate book.
Thrill List Club
by Bonnie written last month
I have been very pleased with the assortment of books and movie I have received each month. I signed back up for my second 3 months again.
Oh my gosh I am NOT disappointed!
by Sarah written last month
Books I got: Stephen King- Doctor Sleep Dawn Kurtagich- The Dead House Movie: Wind Chill (Looks Scary!) I am thoroughly impressed with this box. I will keep ordering. If you love to read or want to start reading more instead of dumbing yourself down watching TV I highly recommend buying this box! immersing yourself in a good book is so much better! Will definitely be resubscribing.
by Anastacia written last month
Great hardcover books! The movie was one I saw before and liked. Will resub when I have money