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I love My Thrill Club!
by Lititia written 2 days ago
My Thill Club is awesome! I love how there's a different theme within the genre you choose for each month. You receive two hardcover books(each valued at about $20 USD or more) and an e-book every month. The books are all great reads and fairly new on the book shelves. You pay a month in advance for each box and the boxes arrive within the first week of each month. You have the option to skip a month, if needed. I also must mention that their customer service is superb! My Thrill Club is a fantastic book subscription and I only wish I'd joined sooner! Member since February 2018
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5 out of 5 will continue.
by Heather written Apr 25, 2018
First box I've subscribed to. My collection has grown tremendously. One day, I'll even have a chance to sit and read them. 😂😍
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by Maria written Apr 21, 2018
My thrill club is one of the best supscription boxes that you could have. Nice books and costumer service. I love it.
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by Emily written Apr 20, 2018
I loved this box!! I've signed up for several book subscription boxes to try and find my favorite one and this is is! The box comes with a fun, quirky info about people behind the scenes and the books I received were excellent!! I received two hardback books that were very unique with great plots and I couldn't put them down! With horror novels, I frequently get bored, but these were just incredibly atypical and all around excellent finds. It's a great value for what you receive and I cannot wait for my next box!!!
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by Kylie written Mar 25, 2018
I've been subscribed for a year now and I've been completely satisfied. I've gotten duplicate books before, but that just means I can give one away for someone else to enjoy. Kind of excited to see what we get now that they're replacing the DVDs, I'm a big horror fan so I usually had already seen the movies I got. You definitely get your money's worth. It usually gets shipped out on or before the beginning of the month, which I love.
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by Jennifer written Mar 19, 2018
This is my second “My Thrill Club” box and I’m pretty happy with the two books I received as well as the movie. I love being introduced to authors I didn’t know about but I would love to also see some more mainstream authors. I’m sad there will not be movies after this box but I’m looking forward to seeing the surprise that will take the place of the movie. I think this box is a great value.
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Love it
by Heather written Mar 15, 2018
Love every book I've gotten so far. Great choices and hardbacks to. Love to step away from the old favorites and read some up and coming new authors!
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by Amy written Mar 11, 2018
I really enjoyed the subscription up until last month when they said they were discontinuing the movies. I commented on their social about it and they said the change wouldn't take place yet. This month I got a book I had already received from them, but I was glad to still get a movie. They haven't responded to my email about the duplicate book, however.
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I'm so done
by Brittney written Mar 03, 2018
Going on 5 months of begging them to cancel my subscription. At first it was only going to be temporary so I could get caught up but then they never stopped charging me. Then I never got anymore boxes. I've emailed them twice a month and on the verge of taking legal actions. Which is STUPID because cause it's a freaking subscription box! I guess they're great if you want the subscription for forever but good luck trying to cancel. As soon as they give me my refund for not getting any boxes since November I am DONE with them!
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Not worth the money
by Audric written Mar 01, 2018
This box was the most disappointing out of all subscriptions I have ever had. The love of movies and books drew me into trying it. Nothing was positive. Delayed shipping, duplicate movies in the same box, no response to email questions and the list goes on. I’ve moved onto Horror Pack and I’m very pleased with their services. Don’t waste your money with Thrill Club.
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