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A GREAT deal for the low cost!
by Jessica written 7 days ago
I was very pleased with this box! I did not own any of the items that came. There are no extras, but come on…. $14.99 is a DEAL for two hardbacks and a dvd! I was not sure when I ordered if the books/movie would be new or used. I also thought they would be 'older items' because of the cost- which they are older books and movie. They all seemed new/unused! And one book was even signed!! OMG that is a win right there! I love how they have the thriller/horror theme and keep it throughout! My Thrill Club box is recommended!
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Love This
by Rudy written 8 days ago
Excellent value for the books alone. I liked receiving the movies, but am excited to see what's in store in future boxes!
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My Thrill!
by Sheri written 10 days ago
I have received 3 shipments of the 2 Horror movies/ 1 book option so far and have enjoyed them immensely! Even though the movies are older, they are ones I hadn't seen yet, and the books are great too..titles I hadn't had in my library before! You really can't beat the price for what you receive either! I was a little sad to see they won't be sending out movies anymore in the last email I got, but I'm going to stick around and see what's in store for future boxes anyway. Let's hope it's awesome! <3
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by Haley written 13 days ago
This is such an awesome subscription! I just received my first box, and the two books alone we’re WAY over the cost of the subscription. I will definitely be keeping my subscription forever! I don’t understand why they get bad reviews for poor performance. They communicate daily on their Facebook page, and answer e-mails and Facebooks messages. I had an issue with shipping, and it wasn’t even their fault but immediately looked into my issue and responded to me promptly. You can tell they appreciate theirs customers, and I can’t wait to see what I get every month!
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Received same as Reviewer April
by Joan written 20 days ago
I too received the b grade zombie musical and the non horror "love story" book too. Not a great first impression. I hope the next shipment is better.
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by April written 28 days ago
I was super excited to try this club because I love mystery, thrillers and horrors. I received my first box which was supposed to be horror. The movie is some cheesy B movie zombie musical. And on of the books was a women’s fiction comedy. The other book is a horror. I’m so confused by these selections and pretty disappointed. I’m just glad I had a coupon code so I only paid $10. I more than likely won’t continue my subscription. So disappointed. 😠
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All horror lovers should get this!
by Kaycee written last month
This is an awesome box for horror fans. I picked the two books and one DVD and I was amazed at how awesome the choices were that were sent to me. I'm super excited to continue to get this sub box every month! The books and DVD were a perfect fit!
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A Great Deal
by Gina written last month
I just got my first box a few days ago and am so impressed with this subscription. Both of the books and the movie I received look like something I'll end up loving. Not only that but I looked up the cost of the items online and found that the cost of one book alone costed $25 on Amazon. What a great deal! I definitely plan on continuing my subscription for many months to come.
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No Problems
by Terri written last month
I have been nothing but THRILLED with my thrill club. I have canceled and restarted several times for financial problems and they have never skipped a beat. These are seriously good movies and books. OH SAY HI TO SLASH FOR ME. (inside thing).
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never received any of my orders
by Susanne written last month
I would actually love this give the rating a zero. They charged me for the first month and I never received anything and they charged me again for the next month. I tried to contact them with several emails and never received a response back. I emailed any contact possible. Finally received an email and got my money back for the first month. I decided to just see if I will receive the next month. Thinking the first time was just an accident. Nope never received the next month either. I never received any packages from this monthly subscription so I had to cancel. They charged me for the second one, never received it still to this day and never got a refund either. Not worth it at all. I rather just choose my own books and movies and not go through all this hassle. Worse monthly subscription ever. I even emailed them to check to see if may they have the wrong address. Nope they have the right address, they just enjoy taking your money without sending anything out.
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