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Same box, 3x
by Brandy written 2 months ago
This was an interesting book box. I liked that it was cheap, had two books and a DVD. Would have loved it, except that I was sent the SAME BOX THREE TIMES. I also paid for a month when I was told it would be free to me. A box also was sent to an address that is no longer in use (how???). Customer support was speedy through emails, just not sure how they managed to mess up so often in such a short period of time. Super unimpressed. Cancelled box after one month.
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New Curator, amazing titles!
by Danny written 3 months ago
The company emailed us that they had hired a new curator and WOW you can tell! The titles are amazing, all critically acclaimed or more! I had one small issue with the movie and customer service got back to me within an hour.
by tammie written 4 months ago
loved the box and books but not the dvd
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Not what I was expecting
by Bonnie written 5 months ago
The box came and I was super excited! But....I got books that I would never read. In fact I went back to my subscription just to check that I did indeed select fantasy as my preference. What I got was romance...not even paranormal romance. Also, I got soap and a small bottle of lotion. I thought I would be receiving a DVD like the description says I would. I'm giving this box another months try but, yeah, not impressed.
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it was ok
by tammie written 9 months ago
i loved the books but not the movie
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by Amber written 9 months ago
My YA Reading Club is an excellent subscription service. Getting two hardcover books plus a DVD for only 14.99 plus shipping is amazing. The books so far haven't really been ones I've been super familiar with (outside of the 100) but are all books that seem right up my alley. My YA Reading Club is definitely a good subscription service for anyone on a budget.
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by Marissa written 10 months ago
I really liked this subscription. I enjoyed the books. They came on time and in good condition. The movie had some nudity but nothing too bad. I can't wait for my next box. I'm very satisfied.
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Absolutely loved it.
by Michaila written 11 months ago
I really liked this subscription and I think that the price on it is unbeatable. The only negative I do have to say is that the movie i recieved was an older movie. That being said i am still excited to watch it so really not taking any stars away for it. I recieved two books that i do not own and that i had never heard of. Just by reading the synopsis i can tell that i am going to love them. I am seriously considering purchasing a 3 month plan. I loved it that much. Thanks YA READING CLUB -Michailareads
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