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+YA hit more hit than miss

Apr 01, 2018
Katie D.
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My first box contained two authors I had never heard of before. The YA selection is a big seller right now, so I decided to save that for an upcoming trip. The mystery seemed like something I’d read, but not in the mood... yet. This month’s box I want to start reading both right away. The mystery is from a well known author and the YA has more of the darker aspects of 13 Reasons or If I Stay. I also LOVE the candle that came this month as the tea with my first box contains ingredients I’m allergic to. In the first box, you also receive a nice size book tote. The reason I didn’t rate this higher is simply the price. With only two books and a small item, it’s can be a little pricey. I understand we are paying for the selection based on our tastes, but not all 4 books will get read, if I’m being completely honestly. I am glad I signed up for 3 months because you get to see the variousion and I might have canceled after just that first box. Would be interesting to see the other genre picks. Solid 3 stars. Definitely worth a try!

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