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Too many pebbles, not enough plants

Feb 14, 2021
Jennifer S.
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If you want to spend almost 40 dollars for a begonia, My Garden Box is for you. First two boxes contained a grand total of two very small plants and a lot of rocks and pebbles.

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My Garden Box said...Feb 15, 2021

We thank you for your review though we wish you had enjoyed your Setting the Stage collection. We'll be sure to share your feedback with our design team and we hope to inspire you with your next collection. -The My Garden Box Family


Oct 21, 2020
Kim S.
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I have been wanting a fairy garden forever. I finally saved up enough to buy one. I got it the other day. As I was getting it put together I kept feeling bites on me. Turns out the little plants were FULL of spider mites and white flies. I just threw every bit of it in the garbage. I was so upset. No more plants for me! I ordered from another plant company on this site and next thing I knew ALL of my plants were so badly infected, i didnt know what to do with them so threw them away too. I will never order any plants from any of these companies again!

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My Garden Box said...Oct 21, 2020

Thank you for your feedback Kim. We wish you had a more positive experience with your Seasonal Blend Sedum collection. We have strict greenhouse pest and disease management guidelines and packaging procedures for our plants. We will let our greenhouse team know about your experience so that we can evaluate our procedures and take extra care of the plants that we ship. We have reached out to you via email regarding your experience and we look forward to hearing from you. - My Garden Box

subscription was canceled

Dec 16, 2017
Rebecca B.
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I don't want to build a wreath. incredulous

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