Creative and crafty garden collections. Includes live plants and everything else you need.

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Received my 1st box

Oct 16, 2018
Andrew C.
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Subscribed for 17 days

I was under the impression that there'd be more of a DIY element to this based on all the artistic pictures. My first box literally involved taking one plant out of its wrapping and putting it in a pot; didn't take me more than 2 min. While it's pretty to look at, not really a "hobby" activity at the moment.

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My Garden Box said...Nov 06, 2018

Thanks for your review! It sounds like you might enjoy our My DIY Garden subscription for a bit of an extra craft element in your box each month. Let us know if you have any questions or would like to switch subscriptions and we’ll be happy to help. Happy Gardening!



Jun 15, 2018
Deb N.
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Subscribed for 3 months

I guess I had my expectations too high but when I received three little plants, some twine and three plates, needless to say, I wasn't impressed in the least. I'll give them one more month, and if it's not considerably more substantial, I'll be canceling my subscription.

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A let down for plant collectors

Jun 14, 2019
Nicole J.
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Subscribed for 8 days

I got the succulent garden and I have to say I was super disappointed. I saw all of these cool looking boxes on the website like the bonsai, herbs, and mounting a staghorn that I thought it would be something cool and a little different to complement my collection. Yes I saw the succulent garden one too but I assumed it was a past box and wouldn't come around again. The succulents in the box lacked originality and were things I could pick up for a dollar at my local nursery, I mean come on at least throw in a cool one like a lithops or a old man cactus or something besides hen and chicks and aloe. I was hoping for something I would have struggled to assemble myself or wouldn't have thought of but that's not what this box delivers. Honestly I'll probably use the lava rocks for my orchid the nice large Terra Cotta for my mint and keep the succulents long enough to regift them. The packaging was nice, the instructions were really good, and the concept was well thought out, but I could not think of a bigger letdown of a box than succulent garden. Two or three years ago, right when plants were picking up, it would have been exciting but now it's just a bummer and I fell for paying $35+ dollars for it!
If I order from them again it'll be the one time boxes where I know what I'm getting which...

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My Garden Box said...Jun 14, 2019

Thanks so much for sharing your experience, Nicole! We appreciate that you recognized the care and detail we put into the packing and paperwork, and are sorry to hear that you didn't enjoy this month's succulent theme. We work hard to offer unique and diverse collections from month to month and will certainly consider your feedback when designing future boxes!

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