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Poor Quality Items.

Nov 30, 2019
Carmon C.
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Subscribed for 29 days

The quality of the products in this box are not for adults. I would only get this box for children. The items looked like they were from the dollar store and were not of high quality. All in all, this was a poor box and I will never subscribe to this one again.

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Just wow!!!

Aug 01, 2018
Lee R.
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Subscribed for 23 days

This is ridiculous. Cheap no where near worth the money. I got a crystal grid, a piece of paper thats been laminated. My box art is a piece of cardboard that has been painted on. 5 citrine crystals that can be purchased for .25 cents each. A purple crystal pendant and some palo santo sticks, only know what they are cause I googled them.
The whole box I could have got for 10 dollars and thats pushing it. I guess you live and learn. Never again.

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Mystic Boxx said...Sep 07, 2018

understand you were displeased with your August Boxx and while I can’t change how you feel about that? I can tell you that the next few boxes will be amazing.

Our stones come from Peru and we support a family owned business that has connections to mines there. All of our stones are hand forged lapidary work. It is unfair to presume these stones are the same quality as many of the cheap stones you can easily find online or in your local crystal store or even michaels. These are excellent quality stones. The Citrine you received, as explained in the card we always insert in every Boxx, is grade B quality. And truly gorgeous stones for your crystal grid needs.

Thank you for appreciating the...

Still waiting

Jul 13, 2018
Victoria A.
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Subscribed for 2 months

Started a 3 month subscription May 2018. Still waiting.

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Mystic Boxx said...Jul 13, 2018


As stated in the listing, the Boxx will be mailed out on the 27 of the FOLLOWING month, if you order after the 10th. This is a fair cut off time to allow us to properly curate your Boxx. A Dearh in the family and the holiday further delayed things. But it is coming with extras and freebies. And we apologize for the confusion and delay.


Jul 11, 2018
Judy H.
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Subscribed for 2 months

First box now 3 weeks late and they won't even reply to emails. Asked for refund of my 3 month subscription.

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still unresolved

Jun 19, 2018
Shana T.
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Subscribed for 4 months

as you can look to my previous reviews i am not happy. mystic boxx told crate joy that it was resolved....but it hasn't been no money has been replaced for any of the missing boxes and i still have not received anything....so by using this box you are taking the risk of being stolen from they got me for 150.00 and if you notice she will put up reviews that are computer generated shortly and it is 2 people that say the same thing. look carefully people i wish i had been warned. so i guess i am saying goodby to my stolen money. GOOD LUCK you will need it with this one. EDIT: so i have put up several reviews on here for stealing my money now all have been erased don't use this boxxx. they steal your money

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Feb 14, 2017
Sara R.
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Subscribed for 20 days

I can't believe I paid $45 dollars for the junk that I was sent. And then another $16 in shipping for a 1lb package that came from my own country.. That is horrible!!! The items are horrible quality and not worth the Price at all. The perfume that I got smelt like nothing and was tiny. The bath salt didn't have much of a scent at all. The necklace I got was cheap and wont last a few days before getting tarnished. The crystals were identified. The art piece was dirty on the back. The wax melts were okay but still lacked in scent. This is a horrible box. I subscribe to lots of boxes and this has been the worst of them I have tried. Please Please do not get this box.

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Not impressed :(

Oct 07, 2017
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Subscribed for 1 month

I got the $45 box, and just received my 1st box a few days ago. I was pretty unimpressed with it.
The items came wrapped some pretty tissue paper, and a... floral napkin.
I got decent crystal necklace pendant with matching earrings which were nice, but there was no information card so I have no idea what they are.
There were a few other small items, but overall it just felt a lot cheaper than I expected.
I want to give it another chance, but I also don't want to waste another $45 :-/

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