The Just Because Box
Delivering handmade and all-natural bath, body, and lifestyle products every month!

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4.9 of 5 stars
by Emily written last month
Gave a Just Because Box to my Dad for Christmas. Noticed the linen spray had leaked a bit all over the products. Contacted the seller and a new box was shipped the next day. A+ for customer service and A+ products. They smell soo good :)
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by Joanna written 5 months ago
I know I say this like every month but this month was my fave!!! All my fave scents and just in time for Fall ♡♡♡♡ thank you for making my first day of Fall fabulous ♡♡♡♡♡
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Pamper yourself
by Wendy written 5 months ago
I have been a subscriber from the beginning and let me tell you I have not been disappointed. Every month when my box arrives it is the first thing I reach for I can't wait to see what special treats are inside. If you are considering subscribing please do you won't be disappointed.
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Loving my Natural Jewels!!!
by Kim written 8 months ago
I'm on my third box and really enjoying the products, love the body butters, the fragrances and I have been sharing the experience with my coworkers. My only sorry is the final cost with tax and shipping raises the price by 10bucks. I'm gonna hang in and continue getting the boxes because I really feel super good using natural products on my body.
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Great Gift
by Jewel written 8 months ago
I sent to my friends and family over Mother's Day and they LOVED the boxes... Could not stop talking about it... Just wish that there was a "Medium Box"...
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My Favorite!
by Vicki written 9 months ago
I am so happy that I subscribe to this box. It has always been filled with the most useful items. I also love the scented products because they are so delicately scented. I don't remember ever receiving any that were overpowering and the scents are always the best. The Just Because Box is one that I really look forward to receiving each month. I seriously have been able to use all of the items I have received (most boxes from other places unfortunately do include things I would never use). I can honestly say I think anyone who is wondering if they should purchase these boxes...the answer is YES, you won't be sorry. I am glad I decided to try them. They are awesome.
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Love it!!!
by Joanna written 10 months ago
I just got my first box and it is absolutely FANTASTIC!! It had this amazing lavender body Butter that I couldn't help but put on immediately right there at the mailbox lol, not only did it smell so nice but it is really think and stays on nicely, this is going to work wonders for my elbows!!! Thanks so much for such a fun beautiful box!! Can't wait to get in my tub and try those amazing bath salts, got the water running now :) :)
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Worth every penny!
by Christina written 10 months ago
I have been a member of the Just Because Box family and I absolutely love the products and how they are themed every month. I don't like when things are the same so when my box comes with new products every month I am beyond excited. The body butters are definitely my fave but when I got my last box with items catered to the Spring season it made me feel that the company took time to think of its customers beyond just the outside of the body. A clean home is a clean mind. Thank you Just Because Box. You make me feel special. ❤️
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Monthly goodies
by Plumerias written 10 months ago
My daughter and I look forward every month to receiving this "goodie"box. I love the fact that they're all natural and hand made. We especially love the soap we got last month. It's exciting to look forward to what surprise awaits us each month. I highly recommend Jewel's product, it's for the whole family and it safe. Enjoy and thank you Jewel!!!
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by ANITA written 11 months ago
Each month I anxiously await my Just Because Box. There is nothing like going to the mailbox & seeing my box. Better yet is peeling back the tissue paper & revealing all the great goodies. As I inventory my items, I'm already thinking about what I'm keeping for personal use & what I will be regifting. Every month feels like my birthday!! Natural Jewels has changed my life for better!!
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