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a box for the witches moons, eclectic box for celebrating the moons of the year. Spells, magick

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$50.00+ CAD / month
Product Overview
  • Boxes will arrive to you before the 1st of that month, All orders will be processed by the 9th of the month before.
  • Ships worldwide from Canada
  • Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime
Howl at the moon monthly with our witches moon box
This box is for eclectic witches and the curious. We focus this years subscription boxes on each moon of the year, how to work with it and how it will work with you. Plenty of information and wonderful goodies inside each box, We always include witch-hand-made products as well as items form our physical shop and website.
Subscriber Reviews
3.3 of 5 stars
by Katherine written 8 days ago
I loved everything about this box! It was full of great stuff, from crystals to candles. I cannot wait to get the next one.
Verified Purchase
Got charged twice!
by Claudia written last month
I would have gotten charged TWICE with no problem.... Once in January (which I paid) and again on February (until I stopped the charge) and was never reached out to. So I reached out to owner and she had no problem telling me I'd only receive ONE box. So you charge customers TWICE and only get ONE box, well that makes NO SENSE. Sorry but if you decide to cheat people out of there money and not refund until being asked, then you're not running an honest business. Plus she made NO accommodations to make sure I'd get the TWO boxes that I paid and would have been charged for. I don't recommend this subscription.
Verified Purchase
neighbourhood witch general store said...
15 days ago
We value your feedback. However in this case the buyer was confused about our payment and shipping schedule. She ordered her box days after the cuttoff for the bext box so like all boxes ordered past the deadline it was for the following month. We did indeed have a back and forth email conversation right away where this was explained to them and she seemed to understand. She decided to cancel which i did that day. Weeks later she leaves this slanderous review for no reason other than she did not understand how shipping and billing works. She has never recieved a box from us so she has no idea the goodies she missed out on. We pack our boxes full if love and thoughtful energy. It seems to me she really could have used the positive vibes included in our boxes. Hopefully she can understand shipping and billing policies for subscription boxes in the future instead of leaving very offensive and untrue reviews on any other boxes. We know that the first shippment can be wonky time wise depending on when you sign up. After that the come in regularly.
by Suzanne written 2 months ago
Love my monthly box, it’s loaded with treasures! And it smells divine,I breathe deeply and dive in!
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