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4.1 of 5 stars
Love love love!
by Mackenzie written Sep 26, 2018
Best/most unique box out there! Their items are always great quality, they match items perfectly. The day my box is delivered is the best day of the month!! Also they are very kind and respond to emails right away!
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Truely happy mail
by Robyn written Sep 26, 2018
Finding my Zakka kit in my mail means I am going to have a happy day. The contents remind me of a wonderful holiday I had in Japan and are always fun and useful.
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Cute but a bit overpriced
by Gayathri written May 24, 2018
Just received my first Zakka kit. The items were cute but I felt it was a bit overpriced for what it offered. Still contemplating on whether to cancel or continue it for a few months to see if it improves.
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Just the Right Size
by Emily written Apr 26, 2018
My favorite thing about this sweet box is that it's just the right size for a treat! The thoughtful curation and charming themes are enhanced by packaging. Each item compliments the others and doesn't overwhelm.
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Okay, but expensive
by Ann-Catherine written Apr 05, 2018
I always love receiving stuff from Japan, in particular stationary. Each Zakka Kit contained something nice, but mostly stuff of no use .... individual small sheets of letter paper, so called "art prints" that had text about the box or similar printed on the back ... Overall, small joys for a (in comparison to their use) large price
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Zakka Kit said...
Apr 09, 2018
Hi Ann-Catherine, Thank you for taking the time to review Zakka Kit – we always appreciate hearing from our customers! The majority of our customers send us requests for more individual paper items each month, that they can use in their art journals or to write notes and letters. We always take into account the feedback we receive each month to curate the next month's box :) About the art prints – the included product card shows detailed info about the products each month. The product card itself is not an art print; the art print is always separate and has no other info on it besides an illustration. Just to be sure, did you receive the blue and pink cherry blossom art print in your last box Thanks again, Carly
by mahita written Mar 15, 2018
Loved my box, but felt a little overpriced for the things sent... nonetheless they were cute...
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Adorable and fast
by Kana written Mar 08, 2018
I just got my first Zakka Kit, I've found the items really cute and of good quality ! I'm gonna recommend it to some friends and it came really fast after I got the notification that they send it.
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by Anne written Mar 01, 2018
I love all things Japanese especially paper goods. I recently received my first monthly subscription, the February vintage. I like everything I received, but I was a little underwhelmed. I will continue to subscribe for a while longer, but I think what you pay to what you receive falls short.
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by Trisha written Feb 24, 2018
Loved my Zakka kit! It was definately over priced for it’s contents but they were also cute. I’ll get it for a couple of more months to see if the “bang for the buck” improves because I really did love the content.
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Cute and fun
by Carole-Lyne written Dec 27, 2017
Love my box... Nice thing that I never seen.
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